‘Blue Bloods: Tom Selleck Once Opened Up About Value of Disagreements

by Leanne Stahulak

One of the most iconic and fan-favorite parts of “Blue Bloods” is watching the Reagans sit down for Sunday family dinner every episode. Without fail, we see a smattering of Reagans at Frank’s dinner table at least once during an episode. These discussions not only form bonds between characters and advance the plot. But they also send powerful messages to the audience about communication.

In times like these, especially when talking with family can be divisive, “Blue Bloods” star Tom Selleck sees value in disagreements. He spoke with Parade earlier this year about how the Reagans exemplify how disagreeing with someone can help both people grow.

“The complications of family are endless. In a family where so many are tied to the business, even Frank’s father has his own opinions,” Selleck said. “What is most important in family dinner is it’s not ‘Kumbaya’; it’s the disagreements.”

In “Blue Bloods,” we often see both sides of views about relevant social issues. Especially, of course, law enforcement and justice in today’s society. The show doesn’t naturally skew one way or another. Instead, it offers a nuanced look at both sides of the argument so that the characters (and audience) can get an idea of where each side comes from.

Prepare for a Potential ‘Blue Bloods’ Hiatus

Although we see disagreements at the Reagan family dinner table every episode, we, unfortunately, don’t always see a new episode every week. Prepare yourself, “Blue Bloods” fans, because the show might be taking yet another hiatus in a few weeks.

CBS hasn’t confirmed anything officially. But the 2022 Winter Olympics will start airing on NBC on Feb. 4. Some networks, like CBS, have already postponed shows until after the Olympics are finished. The reasoning seems to be that viewers will tune into the Games rather than the scripted shows airing on other networks. For example, you won’t see anything but “NCIS” reruns throughout the month of February.

But they haven’t said anything about “Blue Bloods” just yet. All we know is that new episodes will for sure air this week and next. The Jan. 21 episode is called “The Reagan Way” while the Jan. 28 episode is called “Cold Comfort.”

In the immediately upcoming episode, “Frank is at odds with his friend Archbishop Kearns when he says the NYPD arrested the wrong man for murder. Eddie tries to get justice for a sexual assault survivor. Jamie and his nephew, Joe Hill, butt heads over fair police practices.”

Sounds like a lot’s happening this week for the NYPD family. Frank will have to find a way to circumvent the rules of confession if he wants Archbishop Kearns to say anything about the true murderer. Luckily, he has Danny Reagan and Maria Baez to assist.