‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Is ‘Disappointed’ in Her Matching Christmas Outfit

by Amanda Glover

Looks like Blue Bloods actress, Vanessa Ray, isn’t that big a fan of her Christmas outfit this year. Or maybe, just not a fan that she and her husband went full-on matching for the holiday snap.

Ray recently posted a photo of herself and her husband in front of a beautiful Christmas tree in their home. The lovebirds smile giddily at each other in red sweaters and black pants. Then the two are also holding mugs, probably filled with coffee or hot chocolate. Her caption reads: “Your favorite dorks (accidentally) wore matching Christmas outfits. I too am disappointed in us, but also we love Nikes and each other so.”

We love you and your show, Vanessa! If anyone has the nerve not to find this adorable, no need to worry! Plus, the Christmas tree looks stunning against the blue sky in the background.

Looks like Ray is one of the few who appears to have a problem with her outfit. Fans flooded her comments with kind comments about her appearance. “Still really dig that sweater.” Some had some things to say about her Nikes though. “Happy holidays!!! You two are adorable. I’m not a fan of Nike (they’re too narrow at the pinky toe and too wide in the heel for my feet) but they look great.”

What do you guys think of the outfits? Maybe you’ve never seen a Christmas sweater covered in sheep, but it’s something to never forget.

Vanessa Ray and Her Role in ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Ray has had other acting roles before landing “Blue Bloods.” Fans of the hit ABC Family mystery/drama, “Pretty Little Liars” probably still recognize Ray from her huge role in the television series.

Ray’s role was a big one because it helped tie up some loose ends when it came to fan theories. In the series, four high school best friends spend many seasons being stalked by an unknown assailant while trying to figure out what happened to the fifth member of their group. If only we’d known from the beginning of the true existence of Ray’s character on the show.

In the sixth season, fans were shocked to discover that her character was the stalker/killer! Mostly, we were mad because the show gave us NO clues as to this answer, but that’s for another story.

Ray discussed her excitement for the upcoming reboot of the popular series, even though her character was killed off at the beginning of Season 7. “I’m very excited.”

Even though her character, Charlotte DiLaurentis, was killed off, fans still ask her whether or not she’ll be returning for the reboot.

“Then everyone’s been asking me if I’m going to be on the series, but I genuinely cannot remember if I died or not. I don’t know if my… I know I was in a casket once, but I think it was like, I took a sleeping pill, and I was still alive. So, my point is, anything can happen. It’s Pretty Little Liars.”