‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Dishes on How He Spends the Holidays

by Jennifer Shea

Blue Bloods star Will Estes is no grinch, but he enjoyed a reprieve from all the pressures of the holiday season. The pressure to decorate. The pressure to cook a big Christmas dinner. And of course, the pressure to beautifully wrap a big pile of presents.

Estes talked about the experience of holidays without little kids in the family in a 2015 interview with CBS New York. And it sounds like he really basked in the freedom.

“We don’t have to do anything!” Estes said of Christmas without kids. “We’re just gonna go out to eat, we don’t have to decorate, nothing!”

Then the kids arrived, and all that changed.

“But now, there’s some kids in the family again,” Estes added with a rueful laugh. “So now we gotta, we gotta do it all again.”

Watch Estes and his castmates share their Christmas stories here:

Blue Bloods Has Lasted So Long for One Key Reason, Estes Says

Blue Bloods is in the midst of its twelfth season, and Estes says one of the keys to its longevity is a little-known fact: it’s not really a procedural. It’s more of an ensemble drama. In a recent interview with Looper, Estes explained what makes Blue Bloods work.  

“There are some great shows that didn’t go very long — some of my favorite shows didn’t go very long, as I think back. So, there’s got to be a little bit of luck and a little bit of kismet in there,” Estes said. “But I think that what sets us apart from other procedurals is that we’re not really a procedural. We definitely have a lot of procedural elements, but I think we’re a character-driven drama.”

“Our show is more so about how these characters’ lives affect their work and how their work affects their personal lives and their inter-familial relationships and friendships,” he went on. “So, it kind of lives and breathes in that space as a drama, and that’s part of its longevity — that and Tom Selleck as the consummate leader and commissioner and patriarch of the family. I think people want to see Tom, and then we are rounded out by a great cast and great writers and a great crew too.”

By all accounts, Selleck is the glue that holds the show together. His family patriarch character, NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, keeps everybody on their toes – improving the script here, offering tactful suggestions phrased as questions there, and generally bringing his A-game to every episode.

Indeed, Estes said “there’s 101 things” he’s learned from Selleck over the years. And this holiday season, he’s probably learning even more.