‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Reveals Surprising Idea for Episode

by Megan Molseed

Blue Bloods has become one of television’s most popular dramas during its twelve seasons on the air. The popular CBS series focuses on multiple sections of police work in New York City via one single law-enforcement family, the Reagans.

Over the years, we have seen each of the Blue Bloods characters grow immensely during the show’s long-lasting run on CBS. One of these characters is Jamie Reagan, who is portrayed by Will Estes. During the show’s run, Jamie has grown over the past twelve seasons. And, so has Estes as an actor. As a result, Estes has started to come up with some valuable ideas of his own; primarily regarding some interesting directions in which the series could go over time.

However, one of these imagined directions is quite the departure from anything the series has done before…a musical. That’s right, Will Estes has some thoughts about doing a one-of-a-kind Blue Bloods the Musical episode!

‘Blue Bloods the Musical?’

According to a recent interview, Will Estes has long dreamed of doing a musical episode of Blue Bloods. And, the star notes, if he had the opportunity to do this, he would go all the way by making the episode a dream sequence. This, of course, would allow for plenty of artistic vision to be central to the story. And, the actor may not be alone in his Blue Bloods dreams, either.

“We’ve all talked about doing a musical episode that’s ‘all a dream’ at the end of it,” Will Estes tells Nerds of Color about the unique episode idea.

“As in, one of the characters wakes up and has dreamed a musical version of a ‘Blue Bloods’ episode,” the actor continues. “I don’t really think it’s gonna happen though. Ha!”

Should the Blue Bloods showrunners choose to take the show in an upcoming episode, the series would not be the first to embrace the musical special concept. The popular cult-classic detective series Psych went this route in 2013 with the super popular episode, Psych: The Musical. Buffy the Vampire Slayer even went this route with the season six episode Once More, With Feeling. And HBO’s OZ had a musical installment titled Variety.

The Musical Talent Is Already There

Let’s face it Blue Bloods fans, you don’t even have to be a lover of the musical genre to appreciate what an episode such as this could mean for the series. Blue Bloods already has some pretty amazing musical talent in the cast, anyway with New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg portraying Danny Reagan in the series.

Plus, the idea of Tom Selleck’s always professional Frank Reagan breaking into song and dance while doing what he does best as the New York City Police Commissioner is certainly an intriguing one. Talk about a fan favorite, right?