‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Speaks on His ‘Exciting’ Experience in Christian Bale Blockbuster Movie

by John Jamison

Will Estes has been playing New York City Police Sergeant Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods since 2010. His portrayal of Frank Reagan’s youngest caught the attention of some big Hollywood players early on in the show’s run. Does the name Christopher Nolan ring any bells?

Nolan is the mind behind the critically acclaimed Batman trilogy led by Christian Bale. In 2012, Will Estes had the privilege of working alongside him and the Batman actor himself on The Dark Knight Rises. It wasn’t exactly a starring role, but he put his on-screen policing talents to good use as a Gotham City cop.

“It was a lot of fun. If you blink, you miss me in the movie. I’ll just put that out there. I auditioned with a big scene, and when I got there, they said, here, that’s your line. And I was like, isn’t there more? Where’s the scene? And they were like, that’s your line, and that was it. But it was obviously really exciting just to be there,” Estes told Looper recently.

So what was it like for Will Estes to work with Christian Bale? Well, intimidating, to say the least. After all, the guy was in full Batman costume for most of the time the Blue Bloods star was on set. He attempted to work up the courage to introduce himself a few times, but once he saw the Caped Crusader take a sip from a juice box, he couldn’t bring himself to bother the man.

“And I said, you know what, I’m not going to bother Christian Bale today. The guy is Batman. And so I never met Christian Bale, but I stood about 10 feet from him, and that was exciting. I was close. I was very close,” Estes continued in the interview.

Will Estes Discussed a Potential Conclusion to ‘Blue Bloods’

All good things must come to an end. And while Blue Bloods has afforded Will Estes opportunities to work with A-listers like Christian Bale, the hit CBS series is no exception.

During his recent interview with Looper, the Jamie Reagan actor gave some of his thoughts on the inevitable ending of Blue Bloods.

“I don’t know what that will look like creatively. I hope that we have some notice, you know? Donnie said they can’t end the show without saying this is the final season or some version of that. And I think he’s right. I hope we get that warning. We might not,” said Estes.

So it doesn’t look it’s time to worry yet, Outsiders. Blue Bloods will likely continue beyond the current Season 12. However, whether or not the likes of veteran Frank Reagan actor Tom Selleck stick around remains to be seen.