‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Steve Schirripa Was ’33 or 34′ Before He Started Acting

by Matthew Memrick

Steve Schirripa started later in life with his professional acting career, and the “Blue Bloods” actor has no regrets.  

He’s now 64 after it all began at age “33 or 34” and has 28 years of acting work under his belt.

But in the beginning, the “Blue Bloods” actor told the website “Talk Nerdy With Us” he didn’t have any genuine aspiration to act. 

The actor started in the casino business. Schirripa worked as the entertainment director of the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Oddly enough, his first movie role was in Martin Scorsese’s 1995 film “Casino” with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

He said his shyness got in the way but luckily didn’t stay with him forever.

“(Acting) just kind of happened,” Schirripa said. “It’s just kind of weird. I ran a comedy club for years, and sometimes a comic would be late, and they’d say, ‘Go onstage and just say goodnight to the crowd,’ and I was horrified. 

From that point, the pressure was off the “Blue Bloods” actor, and he opened up a little after a comic invited him to be in a sketch for FOX TV. Never in his life had he read a script or acted in a school play. But this experience was life-changing.

Schirripa said he did the sketch, and it was great. And the rest is history.

No Headshots for “Blue Bloods” Actor

Schirripa said acting started as a hobby and that he didn’t even have headshots to give to casting agents. 

Now, he’s had so many minor roles in television and movies; he probably can just tell someone to Google him.

Schirripa’s acted in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” “Must Love Dogs,” and animated films like “Open Season 2 and 3.” On the small screen, he’s starred in “The Sopranos” as mobster Bobby Baccalieri and starred in over 100 episodes of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

In “Blue Bloods,” he plays investigator Anthony Abetemarco who helps district attorney Erin Regan.

Schirripa said he likes playing a very smart guy who goes to his own drum beat. The actor said his character comes from a very blue-collar family.

“He’s very loyal and I think that he’s very good at what he does,” Schirripa said.

But all the roles have helped him learn acting.

“Every little thing has helped me grow,” Schirripa said. “And even to this day, I’m still learning. I still work with a coach and I still do stuff. Absolutely.”

Another Role for ‘Blue Bloods’ Star

After all those acting roles, Schirripa played a new one last weekend

This one involved his wife as he played a supportive husband who watched his wife compete in a marathon.

Laura ran in her ninth marathon this past Sunday’s New York City Marathon. She did the Virtual Boston Marathon back in October.