‘Blue Bloods’ Star Steve Schirripa and Dog Willie Celebrate His Wife’s Major Accomplishment

by Joe Rutland

When his wife just reached a major accomplishment, “Blue Bloods” actor Steve Schirripa and his dog Willie offered their congrats.

Schirripa, who plays Anthony Abatemarco in the CBS police drama, took to Instagram on Tuesday. He’s shown below with his pooch and wife, Laura Lemos. Take a look at the sweet pic.

When you run a marathon like that one, it is worthy enough to celebrate.

Before joining “Blue Bloods,” though, some of you Outsiders might remember him playing Bobby Baccalieri on “The Sopranos.” Right now, he also is a producer and a host for “Karma’s A B*tch!” and “Nothing Personal” on Investigation Discovery.

He works closely with Bridget Moynahan, who plays Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan, on the CBS police show. Abatemarco is an investigator in Reagan’s office.

You can catch Schirripa on “Blue Bloods” every Friday night at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on CBS.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Calls Landing On This Show Like Winning the Lottery

As we mentioned, Outsiders, Schirripa played Bobby Baccalieri on “The Sopranos.” How did that all happen for the actor?

He talked about it with Celebrity Page host Arthur Kade in 2017. Schirripa just also shared pieces regarding becoming an actor in his life.

Kade asked him how a kid from Brooklyn ends up on one of television’s all-time biggest shows.

Schirripa said, “I don’t know.” He adds that sometimes a person does not take astep back and think about being on an all-time TV hit. Why? Actors are always looking for the next thing to come along, then the next thing.

“But yeah, I’ve got very lucky to be part of all these projects, and I work very hard and I’m lucky,” he said.

But Schirripa also mentioned that he wasn’t realy an actor before landing on “The Sopranos.”

Actor Knows That There Are Lots of Hoops To Go Through Before Show Hits TV

“I was, but I had a day job, so to get on any show would’ve been incredible,” Schirripa said. “But to get on that show was like hitting the lottery.”

Also, he said there are a lot of hoops to jump through before a show can make it on TV.

He said you have to get the pilot and “then the pilot has to go, and then, etc., etc., etc.”

Schirripa said that show was just incredible when talking about “The Sopranos.”

“And then to be lucky enough to get on ‘Blue Bloods,’ which has been going for seven years, and blend in with that cast, which is fantastic, was just another great thing,” he said.

It sounds like this actor knows quite well that there is a little luck inside all of the hard work, too. “Blue Bloods” remains one of CBS’s strongest shows.