‘Blue Bloods’ Star Steve Schirripa and Dog Willie are in the Christmas Spirit

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

Willie Boy is all ready for the holidays as the popular Instagram pooch poses with his owner, Blue Bloods star Steve Schirripa in a recent post.

And, it seems Willie Boy took part in a holiday themed-parade as he and some fellow dachshund pups got into the spirit of Christmas.

Thankfully, Steve Schirripa is willing to share his adventures with Willie Boy with fans, posting the festive pic to his Insta page Sunday afternoon.

“Great afternoon at the dachshund holiday parade with my Willie Boy!!!!” exclaims the Blue Bloods star in the weekend Instagram post.

In the photo, Steve Schirripa is holding his beloved dachshund pal who is clad in red, right down to his festively hued harness.

Willie Boy is keeping his little dachshund head all toasty warm with an absolutely adorable Santa hat.

The cutest part of Willie Boy’s hat, however, sits on the pup’s chin. It’s a little hard to tell, but it seems that Willie Boy has gone full Santa Claus donning a fake white beard to celebrate the season. You can just hear the “awww’s!” jump off the Instagram post.

“Happy Sunday my friends!” adds Schirripa to the Sunday Instagram post as he and Willie Boy send us all some warm holiday wishes.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star and Willie Boy Impress The Internet With Some Festive Looks

This may be the first time we’ve seen Willie Boy pose as Santa Clause, but it’s certainly not the first time Willie Boy has made a splash on the Blue Bloods star’s Instagram page for his spot-on style.

Earlier in the season, Willie Boy dressed up his owner in a similar holiday spirit. In the post, Steve Schirripa dons a red and white knitted Christmas stocking cap with fur trim. Sitting in front of Schirripa is the star of the Insta post, Willie Boy.

Willie Boy is certainly in the holiday spirit, but this time the pup left his Santa Claus beard at home. However, he was all about the season in his Santa hat and an adorable red bowtie.

“Willie Boy and I wishing you a happy start to the holiday season!” exclaims Steve Schirripa in the Instagram post.

“Enjoy my friends!” the Blue Bloods star adds.

While Christmas seems to be the theme for Schirripa and his pal Willie Boy, the duo has donned many other outfits over time. Many of which they have – thankfully – shared with their Instagram followers.

On November 19, Willie Boy and the Blue Bloods star were twinsies dressed in similar navy blue and white sweaters as they waited for the premiere of a brand-new Blue Bloods episode.

“Happy Blue Bloods Friday, my friends!” Steve Schirripa notes in the November Instagram post. I don’t know, but it looks to me from the photo Willie Boy is just as excited as his owner for the brand-new Blue Bloods episode!