‘Blue Bloods’: The Strange Truth About the Staircase in the Reagan Home

by Maggie Schneider
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Members of the “Blue Bloods” cast are revealing some surprising things about the Reagan home. One interesting fact involves the staircase.

“Blue Bloods” fans feel at home when the cameras point to the Reagan household. Through every family dinner, viewers are taken back into the family’s lavish dining room and beyond. While the exterior of the Reagan home is located in Brooklyn, New York, all of the show’s interior shots are filmed on the CBS set.

In an interview with Rachel Ray, cast member Amy Carlson shared this surprising news with fans. Another tidbit that she shares involves the staircase in the Reagan home. Because it is a set-piece, the stairs do not actually lead to an upper floor. It ends just beyond the camera’s eye, which is why fans never see it.

Instead, the “Blue Bloods” staircase loops back down into the house’s kitchen. It opens into the back of a kitchen pantry, which is right by the dining room.

In the video, Amy Carlson gives fans a great piece of trivia to ask their friends and fellow “Blue Bloods” watchers.

Linda Reagan’s Death on ‘Blue Bloods’

Fans were heartbroken when Linda Reagan died at the end of Season 7. The helicopter crash scene was the last time viewers saw Amy Carlson on the show. In an interview with Deadline in 2017, she discussed her thoughts as to why her character’s death sparked so many emotions.

“Well in some ways, I always felt like she was sort of the everyman, every person around the table,” she said. “I felt like the way I always wanted to play her was — she was a regular person, and as much as all this stuff was swirling around them, I wanted to always ground that family with as much love and heart as I could.”

Carlson also talks about the magic of Linda and Danny’s relationship on the show.

“I think that Linda and Danny’s relationship was really touching and grounding. So a part of who he is is what was reflected in her, and it was a real symbiotic relationship. What I really modeled that relationship on. was from Friday Night Lights, that sort of representative of a real marriage. They didn’t always agree, they didn’t always get along. But no matter what, you knew they could fight, but they still truly loved each other.”

The actress believes that these are the reasons why the loss of her character felt personal to fans. While she is open to appearing in future flashback moments on the show, it does not look like writers have this storyline in mind. We will have to wait and see.