‘Blue Bloods’ and ‘SWAT’ Have Huge Boosts in Latest Friday Night Ratings

by Lauren Boisvert

Last Friday was a good night for CBS, as “Blue Bloods” and “SWAT” significantly climbed in ratings and viewership. “Blue Bloods” specifically had a great night, with the largest audience of the night at 6.07 million viewers. That’s a 5% increase from two weeks ago, when it was at 5.78 million. “SWAT” also grew 5% from 4.49 million viewers two weeks ago to 4.70 million last Friday.

‘Blue Bloods’: What Will Estes Says About the Show Ending

Will Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” told Looper this month about his thoughts on the show’s 12 seasons and where he thinks it will go from there. Specifically, he spoke about the show ending. “I’ve thought about it,” he started. “I’ve thought about it personally, because I’ve been on the show for so long, but I haven’t thought about it much creatively. I don’t know what that will look like creatively.”

He went on to say he hopes the actors are notified when the show ends. “I hope that we have some notice, you know? Donnie said they can’t end the show without saying this is the final season or some version of that. And I think he’s right. I hope we get that warning. We might not.

“I hope we know that it’s coming and wrap it up so in some ways it can be like a movie,” Estes continued. “You want a fitting end to a story. And so I do hope we get a chance to know it’s coming and to wrap things up and watch these characters walk off into the sunset, so to speak, when the show goes down.” With ratings like “Blue Bloods” had last Friday, a cancelation doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Hopefully, “Blue Bloods” gets enough time to tell its stories like it wants to.

‘SWAT’: New Team Leader, New Problems for Hondo

Just like “Blue Bloods,” “SWAT” also had a significant jump in ratings that bodes well for the future of the show. Currently, the “SWAT” team is dealing with the addition of a new team leader now that Hondo has been demoted.

Rodrigo Sanchez has it out for Hondo, and the team is rallying behind its former leader. Since speaking out against the department was strike two for Hondo, one more mishap and he could be taken to court. He could possibly lose his badge. The new guy is looking for Hondo to mess up at every turn so he can nail him and get him fired.

Will Hondo and his team make it out of this one? My speculation is Sanchez is going to set Hondo up somehow and get himself caught in the process. Then he’ll be off the team, opening that spot up again for Hondo to take the lead. One can only hope, anyway.