‘Blue Bloods’ Teases Danny and Baez Bringing in Some Outside Help in Friday’s Episode

by Megan Molseed

The action doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon as the Blue Bloods twelfth season continues. In fact, the busy officers on the hit CBS series have been facing a lot of challenges. From near-death experiences, marriage concerns, missing persons, or a massive crime wave the characters seem to be facing it all.

While the action doesn’t stop coming, the Blue Bloods officers certainly know where to go when they need help.

And, this is exactly what partners Danny Reagan and Maria Baez face in the newest episode set to premiere Friday night.

According to the Blue Bloods Twitter page, Danny Reagan, who is portrayed by Donnie Wahlberg and his partner, Marisa Ramirez’s Maria Baez, seek some outside help while trying to solve their new case.

“Danny and Baez are going to need some help with their next case,” the Wednesday night Twitter post shares. “All NEW #BlueBloods Friday.”

Included in the November 17 Twitter post is a photo of Danny and Baez taking a moment to discuss a recent case. They have this discussion with someone while standing in an alley.

‘Blue Bloods’ Detectives Know How To Get To the Bottom Of Things

The fact that the detectives are having the discussion with the person tucked in an alleyway, away from any prying eyes that may see the discussion suggests this person likely could provide much-needed information to the officers.

Early descriptions of the November 19 episode titled USA Today note that the detectives are facing some dead ends. They encounter these obstacles when they try and solve a crime in a community that distrusts police officers.

According to the USA Today synopsis, Danny and Maria Baez are attempting to solve the assault of a local shop owner. However, many in the community are refusing to speak to them and they get very little cooperation.

It’s very likely that the officers have some kind of a connection within this community. This is probably what leads to the Blue Bloods detectives under-the-radar conversation in the alleyway.

Partners Danny Reagan and Maria Baez seem to certainly be the focus of this teaser for Friday night’s brand new Blue Bloods, as well as recent episodes.

However, other players on the popular series will be facing some concerns as well.

Danny Reagan’s sister, Erin who serves as the New York City Assistant District Attorney begins to realize that her boss, the New York City District Attorney Kimberly Crawford, is assigning her low-profile cases.

This, Erin believes is in response to recent issues the two have had inside the office. Of course, this could finally be the push that Erin needs; as she decides to finally toss her name in to run for District Attorney in the future.