‘Blue Bloods’: The Time Abigail Baker Got on Frank’s Bad Side

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Credit: Courtesy of CBS Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.)

It is hard to believe that Abigail Baker could ever get on Frank Reagan’s bad side on Blue Bloods. Apparently, though, there was one time.

What in the world did Baker, played by Abigail Hawk, do? Let’s dive into this matter with some help from an article by Looper.

Anyone who has watched Blue Bloods over the seasons knows that Baker is part of the “inner circle” that Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, looks to for wisdom. Of course, besides Baker, we have Garrett Moore, played by Gregory Jbara, and Sid Gormley, played by Robert Clohessy. They all help out Frank at 1 Police Plaza.

‘Blue Bloods Episode Finds Baker Weighing Options For Another Position

When did she go astray from Frank? Back in Season 8, Episode 10, which was titled Heavy is the Head. Baker gets offered a position by her former sergeant, now Captain Bullman, played by Curt Bouril. Bullman works at Internal Affairs and the role is in that department for the Blue Bloods character.

Baker takes this to Garrett and Gormley and explains her hesitancy. Frank ends up finding out, of course, and feels a bit ticked that Baker does not feel appreciated as part of the team.

This calls for our man Frank to make a visit to Captain Bullman. He tells him that Baker came to Frank and wants to make a move. So, Frank denies her transfer, and this ticks off Baker.

On Blue Bloods, this whole situation results in a bar meeting. Frank says Baker was being used to get a foot into 1PP. But she calls Frank “hard and petty,” some rare words of rebuke toward him by her. Yet, later on, she does reach that same conclusion but refused to thank him. In her eyes, Frank pulled the rug from underneath her.

Frank Reagan Staff Member Decides To Take Situation to Garrett, Gormley

Baker was blinded by the prospect of a change. She did allow this process to transpire. But going to Garrett and Gormley did spread the possibility of her leaving around the office. It also unintentionally got Frank involved in a situation that he didn’t need to be in at all.

For regular viewers, they know that on Blue Bloods, Garrett and Gormley have their roles firmly entrenched in the “inner circle.” As for Baker, the lines are a bit blurred for her role. Yet she is the primary aid for Frank Reagan, takes care of his schedule, and also acts as part of his security detail.

Do not, though, think that Baker is only an errand girl. Hardly. She speaks her mind when situations arise and confrontation does not scare her at all.