‘Blue Bloods’: Things Get Heated Between Erin and Janko in New Teaser From Bridget Moynahan

by Jonathan Howard
Photo Courtesy of CBS Entertainment. ©2022 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

A new Blue Bloods is slated to air tonight and ahead of the all-new episode, Bridget Moynahan dropped a little teaser for fans.

As Erin Reagan on Blue Bloods, Moynahan is usually at the center of whatever is going on. The ADA is always busy, even compared to her NYPD siblings and family. However, it seems that family might be a point of contention in the new episode.

Eddie and Erin usually don’t have to interact too much for work. That doesn’t stop things from occasionally flaring up. Even if Janko is married to Jamie Reagan, Erin has to do her job how she sees fit. Check out the Instagram video below and see the clip for yourself.

“Oooh what do we have going on here?” Moynahan teased. “Tune in to an [all-new] Blue Bloods tonight to find out more!”

In the video, it looks like Eddie wants Erin to push charges on someone. She says, “the case has merit.” To which Erin replies, “I can’t use your gut instinct as evidence.” Prosecutors like to get all of their ducks in a row before heading to court. Always going in with the strongest hand possible.

Whether Erin or Eddie are “out of line” remains to be seen. However, one thing is for sure, the two are not getting along very well in the clip. The conversation around the Reagan family dinner table might be a little awkward this time. If the criminal goes unprosecuted, then Eddie is going to be incredibly upset. However, Erin is always going to do her job by the book. Blue Bloods is all-new tonight and there will be drama.

‘Blue Bloods’ Season Continues

This season of Blue Bloods is set to continue. The scene from Bridget Moynahan gives fans a little bit of what to expect. Things aren’t going to be sunshine and rainbows within the NYPD or the DA’s office. Even when a cop knows that someone is a criminal, if they don’t have proper evidence, nothing can be done about it.

Perhaps there will be more from Danny Reagan and Maria Baez as well. The two of them were last seen dealing with a fake Jimmy Buffett situation. So what is next? Well, we’ll have to wait and find out. The Erin saga might be the main story, but there is always more going on just under the surface.

Blue Bloods has been focusing on Erin quite a bit. She has gone back and forth about the District Attorney’s job. She doesn’t know if she wants to take the risk in the election or not. Either way, it can affect her career completely. Does the argument between Erin and Eddie have anything to do with that?