‘Blue Bloods’: This Character Was Played Different Actor in Pilot

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

We all have come to love Blue Bloods as the cast we have seen on CBS. There was one character, though, who was different in the pilot. Which character are we talking about?

Nicky Reagan.

Again, we follow Sami Gayle on Blue Bloods but there was a different actress playing Nicky in the pilot. Actress Marlene Lawston was the first one to play one of the CBS police drama’s youngest stars.

After Lawson was replaced by Gayle, she apparently did not do anything else notable. Her IMDb page is really empty and we’re talking more than a decade after Blue Bloods debuted on CBS.

The show will air a new episode on Friday at 10 pm. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

Don’t fret, folks. The cast that you know and love so well will be on the show this week. Don’t expect, though, for Gayle to be on there as she’s been absent for a period of time.

‘Blue Bloods’ Scores Big Victory Among Viewership Last Friday Night

Hoo boy, the ratings numbers were in for last Friday night’s Blue Bloods episode and they are good. How good are those numbers? Let us check it out with some help from Deadline.

If you missed it, then Jimmy Buffett had a guest-starring spot playing himself and another character. That brought in some viewers right there. Blue Bloods had a season-best 6.11 million total viewers.

The demo number was at 0.4 for the show. This can also be a special setup for Blue Bloods to have a big rating next week.

If you are asking about another big-star turn, then it’s not going to happen. But there are going to probably be some family fireworks with Joe Hill, played by Will Hochman, showing up.

Oh, Frank Reagan is going to be facing his own challenges.

Danny Reagan Love Interest Possibility Stirs The Ire of Some Fans

Would you believe some Blue Bloods fans are not happy to see Danny Reagan possibly have a love interest?Well, it’s true and Danny, played by Donnie Wahlberg, is having those feelings kick up.

We look at Episode 9 titled Handcuffs. The other Reagans deal with a raid; Danny meets with a woman named Molly, whom he jailed nine months earlier.

Blue Bloods fans decided to discuss this new potential love interest on Reddit.

“Are they really gonna hook Danny up with a former criminal?” the Blue Bloods watcher wrote. “Isn’t the old detective falling for a young good looking criminal one of those stereotypes that make other cops not respect you anymore?”

Another fan says, “Why not? She seems sincerely reformed and really dedicated to living a lawful honest life.”