‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck’s Ranch Was Previously Owned by Dean Martin

by Jonathan Howard

Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck has spent a lot of time in the limelight. His career is expansive. However, he wants to live life away from that fame as well. That is why he bought a ranch in 1988, one that belonged to the famous Dean Martin.

That’s right, the 65-acre ranch that Selleck purchased back in the late 1980s was once owned by Dean Martin. The late singer, actor, comedian, and all-around entertainer owned the ranch for some time. Of course, he starred on American television. His variety show, The Dean Martin Show had a string of popularity and success. Then, he became the celebrity roast master from 1974-1984.

The ranch, located in Ventura, California is where Selleck spends his downtime. When he isn’t filming or making an appearance somewhere, he can be found tending the property. He says that the ranch has allowed him to stay healthy and in shape. The Blue Bloods star isn’t too proud to get his hands dirty.

“I work this ranch every day,” Selleck told AARP. “I do the grunt jobs because it saves me money. And it’s good for my head.”

What he likes the most is the difference between his life on the ranch and the one in Hollywood. “This ranch is a counterpoint to the acting business, which is an abstraction. You do something, it’s up on a piece of film, and everybody argues whether it is good or bad. You dig a hole and plant an oak tree – and I’ve probably planted a thousand of them – it’s real. It’s there, and you can watch it grow. It’s a lot different from being famous, and it keeps me sane.”

Sounds like the Blue Bloods star is a bit of an Outsider, huh? That’s something we can get down with.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Has High Praise for Tom Selleck

While Tom Selleck spends a lot of time at his ranch, there is no denying his work on camera is still up to snuff. The actor has been a veteran for quite a while in Hollywood and that shows on set. According to his costar on Blue Bloods, Will Estes, Selleck is nothing but a professional.

Estes gets to play the son of Selleck’s character on the show. Jamie and Frank Reagan don’t always see eye to eye. However, the actors behind the two characters have nothing but respect for each other. Estes said, “Tom is a consummate professional and the best leader you could hope to have. I’ve learned a lot from him already.”

All these years in the business have done the Blue Bloods star well. He has remained a respected professional in the industry and has left a lasting effect on those that have worked with him. Even now, his Blue Bloods costars heap praise onto the veteran actor.