‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Turned Down a Steven Spielberg Classic

by Taylor Cunningham

Rumor has it that the face of Blue Bloods turned down the part of Indiana Jones—and he really regrets it.

According to Indiana Jones star Karen Allen, before Stephen Spielberg tapped Harrison Ford as the legendary archaeologist, he had his eyes on Tom Selleck.

And for a brief moment, Selleck was actually cast in the role. But when CBS picked up his hit 1980s series, he bailed.

“Tom Selleck had been cast, and then it turned out Magnum P.I. got picked up,” Allen told Variety.

However, dropping the part wasn’t exactly Tom Selleck’s choice. Allen shared that the producers with Magnum P.I. refused to let the actor out of his contract.

So legally, Selleck had to trade in his leather fedora and whip for a pair of short shorts and a red Ferrari.

Years later, Karen Allen and Tom Selleck reunited. And while they were chatting, Selleck admitted that he was devastated when he had to refuse Indiana Jones.

“I only know that way after the fact because I sat with him many years later, and he told me how heartbroken he was,” she continued.

Allen also revealed that four other actors almost landed the part of Indy before Ford ultimately snagged it.

“I auditioned with Tim Matheson and John Shea,” she told the publication. “John Shea and I flew from New York together on the same plane to do a screen test. And Tim Matheson was in Los Angeles but I had worked with him just a couple of years before in Animal House, so we were pals.”

But it wasn’t until later that she learned that two other a-listers wanted the role.

“I did the auditions with [Shae and Matheson] and since discovered that Sam Elliot and Jeff Bridges auditioned.”

Tom Selleck ‘a Huge Champion’ of His ‘Blue Bloods’ Co-Star

Tom Selleck has made quite the impression on his Blue Bloods castmates, especially Abigail Hawk.

During an interview with Pop Culture, the 36-year-old actress shared that she and her on-screen boss share a deep friendship. And he’s given her unending support during her career.

“I have absolutely adore Tom, and I’m exceedingly grateful for him,” Hawk said. “He has really been a huge champion of mine.”

And more importantly, Tom Selleck is just an all-around nice guy who has always treated Hawk as an equal in the industry.

“I appreciate the fact that he recognized that I had a lot I want to say in the industry, and he’s a huge advocate for women,” Hawk continued. “I have a seat at the table with him, if that makes sense. Even though I’m much younger than him, much greener in every sense of the word. He never makes me feel less than… We talk on the same level. We have wonderful discussions.”