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‘Blue Bloods’: Is Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan Too ‘Close’ With His Team?

by Megan Molseed
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As any Blue Bloods fan knows, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) is dedicated to his position as a New York City Police Commissioner.

Fans of the popular CBS series know that law enforcement has long been a part of Frank Reagan’s life.

Blue Bloods fans also know that the Reagan family patriarch often struggles with the demands of his job. Sometimes, Frank even questions whether or not he still has the energy to serve the city as police commissioner.

However, whatever doubts Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan may feel from time to time are typically overshadowed by his dedication to serving his community to the best of his ability.

And, in order to do this, the New York City Police Commissioner needs to surround himself with a strong and dependable team. His team members also need to be as dedicated to serving the communities as he, himself is regularly.

But, some fans of the popular CBS police procedural drama wonder, is the Blue Bloods character a little too close to his team in the New York City Police Commissioner’s office?

“I think Frank is too close with his team,” one Redditor writes in a recent thread.

Is ‘Blue Bloods’ Commisioner Too Close To His Team?

The Blue Bloods fan adds that while they believe Frank’s connection to his team as a whole is a little too close. Especially considering his position, there is one relationship in particular that highlights this point.

The Redditor notes that Frank’s relationship with the New York police department Lieutenant Sid Gormley is one in which Frank has given a few too many chances.

“Sid has made a lot of mistakes and still has a job,” the Redditor explains.

“I don’t think I think Sid (blindly has) the cops back no matter what they have done,” the Redditor adds.

Another Redditor commented in response to this observation. This Redditor notes that it is the balance of personalities that makes Frank Reagan’s team work together so well.

“The team works well,” the Redditor responds.

According to the comment, Frank Reagans team consists of a variety of players. First, there is Frank’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Garrett Moore. Moore’s primary focus is on public relations issues.

Then, the Redditor notes, Sid lands on the other side of this. Balancing Moore’s duties by focusing on how the Blue Bloods police commissioner’s office can benefit from within.

Then, the Redditor notes, Frank Reagan’s aid and NYPD detective, Abigail Baker lands somewhere in the middle. Almost clarifying how the two sides can benefit Franks’s ultimate goals as NYPD Commissioner.

Baker, the commenter notes, “is the best balanced of the two and often provides the most clarity.”