‘Blue Bloods’: Upcoming Episode’s Family Dinner Talk Gets Pretty Weird

by Jonathan Howard

Now, the Reagan family on Blue Bloods might not be superstitious…but they’re a little-stitious. That’s clear in the new family dinner sneak peek.

The folks over at the CBS show do a great job of leaking teasers. This latest video is no different. Everyone loves the family dinners and the conversations that are had around the table. However, this new 40-second clip has us wondering if this law enforcement family has some supernatural beliefs.

It appears that it is a full moon and that has the Reagan family debating whether or not they should be worried. This is a superstition among a lot of workers. Nurses and doctors that work in Emergency Rooms attest to this. So, it makes sense that police and other law enforcement folks would believe in it as well.

Check out the clip below.

As the clip starts we hear Danny Reagan agreeing with something that Eddie just said before the clip began.

“Full moons, definitely change people,” Donnie Wahlberg’s character explained.

Then, we get all kinds of reactions from the family. Of course, level-headed Erin doesn’t believe in the supposed myth. However, it seemed that the members of the family that were on the beat every day believed in it. Frank was on the side of calling it nonsense.

As the Blue Bloods family continues the debate, Danny once again interjects with his take on the situation. He even threw in a werewolf pun.

“Well, personally I think astrology is crap! But as someone who’s done their share of midnights, full moons can definitely make things get a little… hairy out on the street.”

Do any Outsiders believe in the full moon myth? Does it make folks act like fools or is it just all talk?

Upcoming ‘Blue Bloods’ Looks Dire for Danny and Baez

While we don’t know much about the next episode, we do know it will be one that is difficult for Baez and Danny. A photo from the upcoming episode features the partners in an apartment. It appears that there was a shootout just before the photo was taken.

There has been speculation about Baez and whether or not she would remain on the show. Some fans think that the longtime partner of Danny is on the way out. Others don’t even want to entertain the idea. Perhaps we get more answers this Friday?

Blue Bloods fans are usually quick to pick up on things. While there are a few fans that have Baez on their “out the door” list, there are plenty more that think it is nonsense. The show featured Danny partnered up with Anthony Abetemarco recently. That could be a teaser of more odd partnerships for the beloved detective.