‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Said There Are a Lot of ‘Learning Curves’ in Jamie and Eddie’s Relationship

by Amy Myers

Since the start of Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan’s partnership, Blue Bloods fans were rooting for the loyal officers to become a couple. Now that they’re hitched, you’d think that the drama between them was over. However, it seems that the two are still working towards a better understanding of each other.

Granted, this is a much more realistic representation of marriage. Instead of living the fairytale life after saying their vows, they’re going through challenges that every wedded couple faces. From miscommunications to neglected expectations, the Blue Bloods characters have had to find their middle ground. As hard as it is for Jeddie fans to watch them fight, Vanessa Ray, the actress behind Janko, finds it just as difficult to properly portray the relationship.

“I think it’s really complicated, with myself included, as a fan of this couple,” Ray told Long Island Weekly. “There’s a lot of learning curves and lot of figuring out what their relationship looks like. I think it’s more of a struggle than they were anticipating. That’s something that I read a lot when I get the scripts and say ‘Oh man, this is hard for them.’ It’s a lot harder for them than I think we all thought.”

The ‘Blue Bloods’ Stars Have to Put As Much Work into Their Marriage As Their Jobs

Like most of us, the Blue Bloods actress likely hoped for smooth sailing for the couple after their union. But, of course, underneath all of the tiffs and misunderstandings is a strong foundation of love and respect.

“They’ve loved each other for all these years, they’re finally together and now the fun begins, but it’s sort of where the real work has begun for them in terms of their relationship instead of their actual work and family unit,” Ray added.

Just like the Blue Bloods stars have bad days at work, so too do they have bad days at home. Unfortunately, sharing a workplace can sometimes escalate an argument. Often, we see that when Janko and Reagan don’t agree on an issue that happens within law enforcement, the tension continues at home.

And What About Kids?

Of course, the next huge step in the Blue Bloods characters’ lives is growing their family. But according to Ray, it may still be a while before we see any sonograms.

“Eddie and Jamie fell in love being equals, and one or both of them would have to step back from a bit of their career that they love so much [when they start a family],” the Blue Bloods actress told Hollywood Life. “There are days where they say, ‘Yes, of course, we’re going to start a family.’ And then there’s days where she goes, ‘I don’t think I could give this up so casually.’ It’s interesting to see them play around.”