‘Blue Bloods’: Vanessa Ray Opened Up on Her and Marisa Ramirez’s Police Ride-along

by Joe Rutland

In order to learn about police work, “Blue Bloods” stars Vanessa Ray and Marisa Ramirez decided to go on a police ride-along.

Ray, who plays Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan on the CBS police drama, talked about going out one night in an article with Niagara Frontier Publications.

“In playing a cop, I’m learning a lot about that reality,” she said. “Marisa [who plays Detective Maria Baez] and I did a ride-along with some police officers recently.

“It was really, really interesting, because there’s a lot of little problems that they can’t solve,” Ray said. “And the frustration that comes with that, because they want … to help everybody. But your job is to uphold the law, not necessarily fix everybody’s problems. That’s hard to do to sometimes, I think.”

“Blue Bloods” follows Eddie’s relationship with Officer Jamie Reagan, played by Will Estes.

The show also stars Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and Len Cariou. Catch it on Friday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

‘Blue Bloods’ Offers Tease Ahead of New Episode About Frank Reagan and His Fate

While Ray and Ramirez took some time to learn more about police work, “Blue Bloods” is sharing some info about this coming Friday’s episode.

Apparently, Frank Reagan has some decisions to make.

Maybe he’s done with being NYPD Commissioner. Maybe he wants to retire. Outsiders, we don’t know and this Season 12 is not offering clues from “Blue Bloods.”

Last Monday, the show put out a video on Twitter on its account. Frank is facing some type of choice.

“Frank has a big decision to make. New #BlueBloods FRIDAY,” the “Blue Bloods” Twitter account posted with the video last Monday.

In the preview clip, Frank’s voice is heard saying, “I’ve been offered a job.”

We don’t know more than you do, Outsiders. But the show does a stellar effort in letting family time be important to the narrative.

Ray Admits There Is One Co-Star That She Struggles To Talk With On Set

Vanessa Ray makes no mistake that she loves her co-stars. Yet there is one she admits that doing so can make her quite nervous.

Who is it? Well, one other than Cariou himself.

She spoke about it in a 2018 interview with Long Island Weekly.

Cariou, 81, plays retired NYPD Commissioner Henry Reagan, father of Frank.

Now Cariou has been a name to see when it comes to Broadway and stage work.

Ray admired him for his work in a Stephen Sondheim show.

“I’ve been an enormous fan of Len Cariou from (the musical) ‘Sweeney Todd,'” Ray said. “To be totally honest, I am so nervous around Len that I sometimes can’t even find my words because I’ve admired his work for so long…I don’t even think he knows that.”