‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Posts Her ‘Live Photo Fail’ in Fun Photo with Brother

by Leanne Stahulak

“Blue Bloods” star Vanessa Ray spent some quality time with her brother this week, plus another unexpected guest.

The two hung out in Brooklyn, in the trendy DUMBO neighborhood, according to their pic’s location. Ray posted a photo of the two of them standing together under the infamous Manhattan Bridge on her Instagram earlier today.

But if you look closely at the photo, you’ll see something floating in front of the “Blue Bloods” star’s face. At first, it looks like the wind caught some of her hair and blew it in front of her mouth. The second pic in the slideshow is a close-up of her face, and there’s definitely something blocking her beautiful smile. But it’s not until we see the third part of the post that we understand what’s happening.

A bird flew right in front of Ray’s face while she and her brother took this picture.

The third part of the post features a live photo, showing the bird flying first one way across the frame and then zipping back through the other way. On its second run-through, the bird passes right in front of Ray’s mouth.

The “Blue Bloods” star captioned the hilarious sequence of events, “Live👏photo👏fail👏.” She also included hashtags for “#brotherandsister #bestfriend #kindredspirits #photobomb #dumbobrooklyn.”

Honestly, the most surprising part of that picture is how calm Ray looks as the bird flies so close to her face. She doesn’t flinch back or lose her cool at all during the live photo.

Several fans and friends commented on Ray’s post to tell her how hilarious it was. Writer and director Jake Wilson commented on the “Blue Bloods” star’s post, “Hahahahhahaa.” Other people said they were “crying” and “dying” over what happened to Ray.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Notice New Actor For Eddie’s Father This Season

In “Blue Bloods,” Vanessa Ray plays Eddie Janko, an officer who ends up marrying Jamie Reagan. The two have a sweet relationship, only it’s started fracturing this season over Eddie’s criminal father, Armin Janko.

Armin was released from prison during Episode 5, titled “Good Intentions.” Despite their rocky relationship, Eddie wants her father to stay with her and Jamie. This causes tension in Eddie’s marriage with Jamie because he’s opposed to it. But Armin doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

One “Blue Bloods” fan on Reddit, however, noticed something different about Eddie’s father. “Armin Janko, Eddie’s father, was played by a different actor than before, wasn’t he? We have seen the character in previous episodes, right? I honestly can’t remember for sure,” the Reddit user posted.

Apparently, they were right. In 2015 and 2019, “Hawaii Five-0’s” William Sadler played Armin in two episodes. But this season, “Law & Order’s” Michael Cullin stepped in to play Eddie’s father. From the sound of it, Sadler had committed to other projects and couldn’t take the time to shoot the scenes as Armin for “Blue Bloods.”