‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Shows the ‘Faces’ She Makes When Getting to Work with Costar

by Joe Rutland

Well, “Blue Bloods” star Vanessa Ray is not afraid to show people what faces she comes up with when working with a certain costar.

Ray, who plays Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan on the CBS police drama, went on Instagram for some fun on Friday night.

Andrew Terraciano plays Sean Reagan on “Blue Bloods.” It appears that Ray is telling fans to keep their eyes open for Sean to show up.

Ray has been on the CBS show since 2013. She was a recurring character in Season 4, then was promoted to being a regular cast member in Season 5.

Her storyline has expanded beyond just being the girlfriend of Sergeant Jamie Reagan, played by Will Estes. They are now both husband and wife, and “Blue Bloods” spends time showing them go through different elements of a relationship.

Fans of the show know that the show, which stars Tom Selleck as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, airs on Friday nights. It’s been in that spot for a few seasons now. They tune in at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Had Quite A Trip Toward Finding Success As An Actress

The trek to success as an actress has been interesting for Ray.

She tells WNY Papers in September 2014 about making a move, one that helped her career.

Ray said her career started randomly in New York.

“I sort of couldn’t really get arrested in L.A.,” she said. “No one was really interested in me in L.A. When I moved here, I searched out an agent, and a lot of things kind of opened up for me in a really cool way.”

But she left New York City and headed back to Los Angeles.

“And then, just, I think, because I loved California things, probably … I decided to move back to L.A. to prove to myself that I could actually work in L.A.,” she said.

Ray Enjoys Seeing Which Show Fans She Interacts With Remember Her For

That ended up being a pretty good call for the “Blue Bloods” star as she ended up getting a role in “Pretty Little Liars.” Ray played CeCe Drake for five seasons and it would lead to her role as Janko.

Ray, though, has had fun watching people try and pick which show she’s from between “Pretty Little Liars” and “Blue Bloods.”

“I definitely appreciate the irony. I think it’s actually hysterical,” Ray said to WNY Papers. She’s made a game out of having them chat with her.

“I think this is great,” Ray said. “I’ll see somebody walking up to me, and I’ll try and guess which show they watch based on their appearance.”