‘Blue Bloods’: What Can We Learn About Next Episode’s Dark Title ‘Be Smart or Be Dead’

by Megan Molseed

This Friday’s brand new Blue Bloods promises an intense episode. Promos for the upcoming episode suggest that the plot will stay true to the very dark title, Be Smart or Be Dead.

Recent promos for this upcoming November 12 Blue Bloods episode share that one of our favorite Reagan family detectives faces a life-threatening situation. This threat also comes in an extremely dark series of circumstances.

In the recently released promo, New York Police detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) stands in a cemetery amid tombstones. As he stands, a woman is seen approaching the detective, attempting to shoot him.

Thankfully, the would-be killer misses her shot and she is eventually brought into the station for questioning. Why the woman doesn’t follow through with the shooting, we do not yet know.

Maybe she misses, or maybe the woman has second thoughts about shooting Donnie Wahlberg’s Blue Bloods character. Or, maybe the officer’s life is spared when a third party intervenes.

‘Blue Bloods’ Detective Faces a Dangerous Mystery

Whatever the case, the threat against Danny Reagan’s life certainly is real. And, the woman who attempted the killing was very likely hired by an unknown someone to take the detective down.

The mystery behind the attempted murder of Danny Reagan certainly suggests there is something big brewing behind the scenes for the Blue Bloods characters.

Could this be the start of a bigger storyline arc that will be introducing a new villain for the Blue Bloods detectives to pursue? What is it, specifically that has put Danny Reagan in danger? Is it a former perp that he arrested? Is there a score to settle?

Or, maybe this threat of Danny’s life has nothing to do with the detective specifically.

Could the killer actually be targeting Danny’s father, New York City Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan?

Maybe It Has Nothing To Do With Danny At All

Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan is certainly a very prominent New York City figure in law enforcement.

Perhaps the killer is targeting this elder Reagan by going after one of his sons? After all, the Reagan family has been core to the entire plot of Blue Bloods since the series premiered in 2010.

Either way, maybe this means the series is introducing a larger plotline that will carry over throughout a few episodes.

Maybe this story arc will keep the true identity of the killer in the shadows for a period of time. Creating a plotline that leads Blue Bloods fans and the on-screen detectives to wonder what, exactly, is happening; and who is threatening Danny’s life.