‘Blue Bloods’: What Does the Future Hold for Baez as She Recovers From Her Gunshot Wound?

by Joe Rutland
'Blue Bloods': What Does the Future Hold for Baez as She Recovers From Her Gunshot Wound?

With Officer Maria Baez recovering from a gunshot wound, is the Blue Bloods character still thinking of leaving the police force?

Baez, who is played by Marisa Ramirez on the CBS police drama, had been looking at putting the New York Police Department in her rear-view mirror.

That also would mean leaving her partner Detective Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg. He would have to go look for another partner on Blue Bloods to go out into the mean streets of New York.

Maybe Danny doesn’t want to get himself in a snit like Eddie is these days with her new partner.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Be Back In Mid-January, But Will She Recover On-Screen?

Let’s turn our attention to Matt & Jess for some help on this matter.

We do know that Baez will come back to work with Danny. Why do we know this? Blue Bloods executive producer did confirm through social media that Marisa Ramirez will be in a storyline for a Season 12 episode on Jan. 21.

Before that, though, Baez will be MIA in a sense. Ramirez hasn’t been showing up in promo photos or videos that inform viewers and fans about the show.

So, what can Blue Bloods actually do with her and Danny? She’s going to have a period of adjustment after her recovery. How about Danny helping her out in different ways? It would be a stellar way for her to get shown, beyond work, that Danny does care about her as a human being.

Police Show Gets Back To Showing New Episodes on Jan. 7

Sure, it’s not going to be easy for her to just jump back into the force. Blue Bloods writers might also use her situation as a way to let others watching the show know that characters do go through tough times. They might be able to connect their situation of difficulty with hers.

Blue Bloods gets back to showing new episodes on CBS on Friday, Jan. 7, at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, Len Cariou, Will Estes, and Vanessa Ray also are part of this show’s cast.

By the way, could a former cast member return to the show? It is possible.

Lauren Patten, who played Officer Rachel Witten, Eddie’s old partner, might be looked at to rejoin the cast. OK, so there is no concrete news about this. But anything can happen, Outsiders.

The New York Times reported that Patten had been appearing in the award-winning Jagged Little Pill on Broadway. The show is now closed because the Omicron variant has been ravaging New York City and making things much tougher again. Also, this show did shut down earlier because of COVID-19.