‘Blue Bloods’: What Frank Reagan’s New Job Offer Means for His Character Going Forward

by Anna Dunn

In a recent episode of Blue Bloods, Frank Reagan is offered a very tempting position. However, taking the job could have had a major impact on not only his character, but the show itself. Reagan has been dealing with the mayor all season and is fed up with his complaints. But by the end of the episode, Frank decides to stay on as police commissioner.

Frank’s friend Lenny offers him the position of the senior vice president of security for the NFL. What would have happened if he had taken the position?

If Frank stepped down as police commissioner, it could have afforded Erin Reagan more of an opportunity to become District Attorney without issue. Erin has been climbing the career ladder as an attorney but can only climb so high. Her father being police commissioner means her becoming DA would look like a conflict of interest.

Abigail Baker actually realizes that the only reason Frank really considers the position is it would give his daughter the opportunity to become District Attorney. Frank also brought the issue to Pops. Pops advised him to do something for himself for once and keep the job.

“I realize the selfish thing for me would be to stay here, where I feel valuable. You know what everybody’s saying? Be a little selfish. You’ve earned it,” Frank told Lenny in a final conversation about taking the position. Now that he’s staying on, It’ll be a lot harder for Erin to run for D.A, but he had to think of himself as well.

Frank Leaving His Job Would Have Spelled the End for ‘Blue Bloods’

Considering Frank Reagan’s role as police commissioner is essential to the show, if he had stepped down, it would have been difficult for writers to keep the show going. Many were worried about seeing Frank leave his job. That could have indicated that season 12 will be the final ever season of Blue Bloods.

Last night’s episode also had Danny Reagan losing it on Eddie and Jamie after his son, Sean, gets injured while in their care. The two take him on what they thought would be a safe ride in the patrol car, but it ends with Season paying a visit to the hospital. Needless to say, Danny, whose very protective, was not happy about this.

Family tiffs do happen though. Sean, for the most part, it okay. It shouldn’t cause too much drama for the most part and really highlighted how hard it is to be a parent who also works full time.

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