‘Blue Bloods’: What Is Bridget Moynahan’s Net Worth?

by Jonathan Howard

Star of Blue Bloods, Bridget Moynahan has had a very good career in entertainment. In fact, she has amassed quite a net worth in her time.

From magazines to Hollywood, there are so many great projects that Moynahan has been a part of. Fans might recognize her from Sex and the City, Serendipity, or I, Robot. She also appears as John Wick’s wife, Helen in John Wick and the sequel. Now, as ADA Erin Reagan on Blue Bloods, she has established herself in yet another role since 2010. For the majority of her time on the show, she has made around $3 million a season.

So, get this, Bridget Moynahan is worth $25 million. That isn’t bad for a career of just over 20 years. She has established herself in many roles, but now her role as Erin is taking her to new heights and popularity. Landing a long-term role like that on TV is career-changing for actors and actresses.

Speaking of her Blue Bloods role, the ADA is going to have a tense time coming up. Her boss, District Attorney Kimberly Crawford is not happy with her and the relationship between the two is not looking like it is going to recover. Crawford has been sending the low-pay cases to Reagan and that is not going to last much longer if Erin has anything to say about it.

After uncovering some nasty history in Crawford’s past, the Blue Bloods ADA is being seen as an enemy. Digging into a decades-old murder case isn’t always the best idea, despite her good intentions. It has now made Crawford suspicious that Reagan is coming for her job and trying to usurp the DA.

‘Blue Bloods’ Sid Returns After Absence

Meanwhile, we see the return of Sid on Blue Bloods. While things got tense between him and Frank Regan, NYPD Commissioner, he is in a fragile state. The death of his ex-partner is weighing heavy on the officer and that is causing more trouble than it really has to.

Now, Sid is being insanely stubborn. Not only did he cut himself with a butcher knife and refuse to leave work, but he also accused Frank of setting him up. After he was pulled over by another officer, Sid said that Frank had made the order to pull him over. The Commissioner has denied any such order.

That didn’t stop Sid from getting into a fight with Frank. The Blue Bloods world seems to be heading for a dramatic climax. With so many different conflicts going on in the DA’s office, the NYPD, and more, fans are going to get a lot of action as the season continues. Is there more coming out that will drive these conflicts further?