‘Blue Bloods’: What Was One of the Show’s Best Arrests?

by Jonathan Howard

Over the years, Blue Bloods has had a ton of awesome moments. Arrests, trials, dinners, and more. However, one arrest stands out.

Back in Season 5, the Reagan clan as we know it wasn’t exactly set up as it is now. Eddie was still Jamie’s partner. And, she still had a lot to prove. While a lot of officers can go under the radar and work slowly to build their reputation and name, Eddie didn’t have that luxury.

Due to the fact that her dad was caught up in a Ponzi scheme, the Blue Bloods star had to make herself stand out. Earn the respect from her peers. Episode 18 of the season, Bad Company, was a big episode for the show and character.

The episode is set up when Danny gets a new case. There is a fake hostel in the city. The bad guys running it are using it as a front to kidnap Serbian women and then make them sex slaves. A little more serious than the street crimes that happen on the show most of the time. It just so happens that Eddie can speak fluent Serbian. So, she immediately becomes an asset to the investigation. She had to go undercover.

Danny warned Eddie about the dangers of going undercover. He had run into trouble the last time he had done a UC mission. After talking to her, she explains that she is ready to do it. Ready to prove herself. After infiltrating the group, Eddie was able to make the arrests. Since then, the Blue Bloods character has been a respected cop around the NYPD. This was arguably the reason why Jamie was promoted to Sergent as well.

‘Blue Bloods’ Shows Father and Son Team Up

In the last new episode of Blue Bloods, there was an unusual partnership. While the two are close personally, Danny and Frank don’t work together that much. The NYPD Commissioner has a lot on his hands outside of police work. However, this case involves another officer. So, the Reagan patriarch is now involved.

Danny and his dad sat down at a table and talked about a dirty cop. Detective Peter O’Neill had been assaulted, but… was he the real victim? It seemed that O’Neill had a lot more going on than Danny originally thought. After Baez and Danny run into an informant, the detectives realize that O’Neill is involved with a local street gang. The Dead Twins gang.

It turns out, that O’Neill had been getting kickbacks from the Dead Twins for arresting rival gang members. The detective gave up the game to Frank. Blue Bloods has had some interesting cases in the past, but this one is going to be a memorable one. Is it possible that O’Neill isn’t the only dirty cop lurking around the corner?