‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s What’s Coming in Episode 9 of Season 12

by Joe Rutland

While Blue Bloods fans get their fill of one new episode, we’re going to take a look at Episode 9 titled Firewall set for Friday, Dec. 10.

Outsiders, let’s get a closer look with some help from Matt & Jess.

The synopsis for the Dec. 10 episode is “Frank enlists the help of an old friend, Sloane Thompson (Alex Kingston), to investigate a cyber-attack on the NYPD that forces Danny and Baez to release an evasive suspect. Also, Baez questions her place within the NYPD; Eddie is torn over a workplace dilemma, and Jamie wrestles with a family secret.”

OK, so Frank’s friend Sloane Thompson comes back. Doctor Who fans will recognize Kingston from her time on the popular BBC program.

‘Blue Bloods’ Final Episode of 2021 Has Danny, Baez, Eddie, Jamie Facing Issues

Then we’ve got Danny Reagan and Maria Baez, played by Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez, respectively, having to let a suspect go. Then we’ve got Baez wondering about her role within the New York Police Department.

Blue Bloods fans have Eddie, played by Vanessa Ray, struggling with a dilemma at work. Now, we do know that she’s been trying to work with Luis Badillo, played by Ian Quinlan. There is no clear indication of what this dilemma is about. We’ll have to wait and see, Outsiders.

Oh, and there is Jamie, played by Will Estes, who has some secret that he’s trying to wrestle with about family.

There appear to be some things that will get addressed on the Dec. 10 episode of Blue Bloods. That will be the last new episode airing for this year. Tune in to see what happens at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on CBS.

Actress Vanessa Ray Opens Up About Why Eddie ‘Resents’ Reagans Sometimes

As we’ve watched over the seasons, Eddie has had an interesting, complicated relationship with the Reagans.

What is at the core of trouble? Well, Vanessa Ray offers some thoughts for the Blue Bloods faithful.

“Eddie had a beautiful relationship with her dad,” Ray told Hollywood Life. “It just turned out that she had to cover for him and she had to lie for him for all these years. So, to be with somebody who she doesn’t have to do that with is new to her, and I think there’s some times where she resents how lucky the Reagan’s are to have the life that they have.”

Eddie’s father was a criminal and she had to deal with his behavior a lot. So it can be a struggle for her when looking at the Reagans.

Make sure and set a reminder for Friday, Dec. 10, and you can get another look at a Blue Bloods new episode before Christmas.