‘Blue Bloods’: Where You’ve Seen Sloane Thompson Actor Alex Kingston Before

by Jonathan Howard
Photo Credit: Courtesy of CBS Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

In the midseason finale of Blue Bloods, Frank Regan had an old friend stop by in order to help out in the wake of a big cyberattack.

Firewall was a solid episode and has fans hanging on a cliff while they wait for the show to return on January 7. Sloane Thompson makes another appearance in the show. She hasn’t been involved since 2016. The friend and contemporary of Reagan came in handy last week.

Now, the fans are wondering where they have seen actress Alex Kingston in the past. Of course, she has a long list of credits in film and television.

The English actress is known for a few of her more famous roles. American fans will remember her from 160-episodes as Elizabeth Corday in ER. One of the most popular TV dramas of its time, Kingston played a big role.

Those that watch The CW will remember that Kingston appeared on Arrow for seven episodes as Dinah Lance. Blue Bloods isn’t where she got her start, and is far from her most notable role, that’s for sure. This last series is a world phenomenon.

Most people in England and around the world at large likely remember Kingston for portraying River Song in Doctor Who. She was on the show from 2008-2015 and performed very well during that time. Song was a companion of the time and space traveling doctor.

Blue Bloods isn’t even the first law enforcement series she has been a part of, either. She made guest appearances on Law & Order: SVU, CSI, and NCIS. She truly has done just about everything.

What to Expect On the Next Episode

So there isn’t a lot to know about the upcoming episode of Blue Bloods but there are some concerns we have for Jamie. By the sound of the synopsis, this is going to be a very difficult episode for Jamie Reagan as he faces personal issues around him.

“Jamie makes a concerning discovery about a former mentor as he helps a neighbor handle a gambling debt,” the synopsis reads. The title of the episode is Old Friends which is very fitting from the looks of it.

To me, this sounds like Jamie’s former mentor has gotten into a little petty crime. If I had to bet money I’d say that the debt his neighbor owes is to the mentor. If that is the case, Jamie is going to have to navigate a very sensitive situation. Is his former friend a loan shark or run an illegal gambling den? We will all have to wait until 2022 to find that out.

‘Blue Bloods’ Returns January 7

When Blue Bloods returns to the screen in January there are going to be some guest stars making an appearance. Most notably Lyle Lovett will come back as Texas Ranger Waylon Gates. He is supposed to team up with Detective Danny Reagan.

We can’t wait for Blue Bloods to come back on January 7.