‘Blue Bloods’: Why Robert Clohessy Was Only Supposed to Be in One Episode

by Amy Myers

Originally, when Robert Clohessy joined the Blue Bloods cast, he was only supposed to appear in one episode. The part of Sidney Gormley was small and didn’t have a very complex storyline at the time. However, since Clohessy’s first appearance, his character has become a recurring part of the NYPD team. Gormley is also a vital part of the leadership that stands by Commissioner Frank Reagan’s side. The change in Clohessy’s status on the show was a drastic one. So, there must have been an iron-clad reason why they chose to keep the talented actor around. As it turns out, the actor has a fellow Blue Bloods star to thank for his expanded role.

In an interview with Main Street Magazine, Clohessy shared that his dynamic with Donnie Wahlberg, the actor behind Danny Reagan, was the reason his role didn’t stop at just one episode.

“I was originally cast for one show to be Danny’s boss in the precinct,” the Blue Bloods star shared. “We got along really well on set and, before long, I was part of the regular cast.”

While Wahlberg’s approval might have helped Clohessy gain the director’s attention, it was his sheer talent that helped him stay. Clohessy perfectly depicts the tough-as-nails cop that sticks to the old ways of the precinct. He represents the more stubborn side of law enforcement that, for better or for worse, does things by the book.

The actor’s past roles no doubt helped him with the portrayal of his Blue Bloods character. Before his role on the show, Clohessy also played law enforcement characters on shows like Cold Bloods and New Amsterdam as well as films like The Avengers and The Night Never Sleeps.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Shows Personality Behind the Scenes with Abigail Hawk

When he’s not portraying Lieutenant Sidney Gormley, the Blue Bloods star is busy bonding with his co-stars, including Abigail Hawk. Like Clohessy, Hawk plays another one of Frank Reagan’s close allies, Detective Abigail Baker. The two often offer critical advice to the Police Commissioner, especially in situations that require Baker’s empathy and Gormley’s strict morality.

Their characters on camera might appear to be a bit intimidating, but as Hawk demonstrated in a past Instagram video, they’re really nothing but a couple of goofballs.

Back in August, the fellow Blue Bloods star shared a video of Clohessy as he brought her a cup of iced coffee. Clohessy danced into the room with her drink in hand as Hawk sang a cheery tune that told of her affliction for caffeinated drinks.

The two burst out in laughter following their antics, showing just how lighthearted the set is when the cameras aren’t rolling.