‘Blue Bloods’: Tom Selleck Rewrote a Scene for Abigail Hawk for Touching Reason

by Shelby Scott

CBS‘s hit crime drama “Blue Bloods” has been airing on the network for over a decade and, impressively, many of the show’s original cast members remain. Alongside show patriarch Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), we have several other longtime Reagan characters.

However, additionally, “Blue Bloods” has seen some of the Reagan family’s non-relatives stick around just as long. One of those is Detective Abigail Baker (played by Abigail Hawk). Due to the relationships she has built on the show, especially with Tom Selleck, the latter was forthcoming in rewriting a scene specifically around the actress.

According to Looper, the touching gesture came when the actress was unable to shoot a particular scene. Selleck made the meaningful decision as Hawk had been in the process of delivering her son. Interestingly, Hawk went into labor in the middle of shooting. Of her experience with the cast and crew, Hawk said, “Tom Selleck literally rewrote a scene around the delivery of my son, which is a pretty awesome legacy.”

However, she also highlighted the love and compassion she received while pregnant on the set of “Blue Bloods.”

“We really are a big family,” Hawk said of the “Blue Bloods” cast and crew. “[J]ust having other moms understanding how fatigued I was, making sure that the bags underneath my eyes were taken care of, just little things like that…It’s been a wonderful, wonderful time.”

What Would ‘Blue Bloods’ Look Like as a Franchise?

Compared to other hit franchises like “NCIS,” “One Chicago,” and “Law & Order,” “Blue Bloods” as a franchise would demonstrate an entirely different dynamic. All of the aforementioned have incredibly broad fanbases. However, franchises like “NCIS” and “One Chicago” have an advantage that “Blue Bloods” doesn’t. And that’s a less central familial dynamic.

Now there’s no doubt that the “NCIS” flagship show and “One Chicago” both place a hard emphasis on family. Realistically, none of the characters are blood-related. Therefore, the characters within these other hit franchises have the ability to pursue a variety of subplots and relationships.

Contrastly, “Blue Bloods” functions in quite an opposite way. Many of our law enforcement officers and representatives on the CBS hit show are blood-related. In this way then, to diverge their relationships into other spin-offs would remove the overall familial essence of “Blue Bloods.”

It would take away the support of each fundamental character. Their personal experiences and stories would seem less significant as they wouldn’t have the depth current story lines on “Blue Bloods” have now. However, should the show push into a franchise, the most likely possibility would surround Danny and Erin’s children. Because they are young in the original, fast forwarding would put a new perspective on “Blue Bloods” as a show.