‘Blue Bloods’: Will Erin Reagan’s Campaign Be a Major Storyline for Season 13?

by Craig Garrett

Erin Reagan said she was running for DA in the season 12 finale, leaving Blue Bloods fans wondering if it would play out in season 13. Fans are very invested in Bridget Moynahan’s character. After all, Erin Reagan has been on the series since it debuted in 2010. Erin is the only member of the Reagan family that practices law. Meanwhile, her father is the Police Commissioner and her brothers are detectives and beat cops. Fans have watched her character build her law career over the years. Erin has spent 12 seasons as a prosecutor in the New York County District Attorney’s Office, rising to become the trial bureau chief.

In April, it was announced that CBS had renewed Blue Bloods for a 13th season. Part of the appeal of the show is fans know what to expect. Viewers can anticipate tuning in each week to watch the family dinner and criminal investigation, which will be greeted by a weekly crime drama. However, the season finale did have a few shake-ups. The season concluded with Detective Baez (Marisa Ramirez) becoming a mother. The character is scheduled to return. According to Moynahan, Erin will also see some life adjustments.

Now, thanks to a telling Instagram post, Bridget Moynahan has all but confirmed that the DA race will play an important role in the next season.

The actress is displaying a T-shirt in the picture. The shirt reads, “Elect Erin Reagan for Manhattan District Attorney.” The caption to the post says, “Do I have your vote?” The response was overwhelming: fans and friends alike praised the idea. “Detective Baker approves!” wrote Blue Bloods co-star Abigail Hawk. Some fans wondered whether the prop shirt would be for sale.

Bridget Moynahan recruits more Blue Bloods stars to campaign for her

Even Blue Bloods co-stars Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez got in on the campaign action. Moynahan posted an image of the pair holding up one of the “Elect Erin Reagan for Manhattan District Attorney” shirts. “Looks like Erin Reagan has another solid endorsement!” Moynahan captioned the image.

Executive producer Kevin Wade gave his thoughts on Erin’s DA. “We have played her under four or five DA’s, with whom she often clashed over principles as well as over ways and means,” Wade told Deadline. “Time’s come for her to ask for [the job] by announcing she’s running for the office.”

Meanwhile, Bridget Moynahan enjoys the stability Blue Bloods has afforded her. “My family is here,” she says. “I saw a few people—friends of mine—who had gone to L.A. and were just kind of chasing the next job for a while, she told Glamour last year. She was happy to be an actor in NYC. “I didn’t want to get lost in L.A.” The actor feels like the culture for actors is different in New York. ” I had New York, and I knew New York. I had that comfort,” she said.