‘Blue Bloods’: Will Estes Answers Whether Jamie and Eddie Are Ready for Kids

by Madison Miller

Since Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan was first introduced in the police drama “Blue Bloods” during season four, sparks were immediately flying between her and now Sergeant Jamie Reagan.

The two started out as partners when they were both rookies. During that time they tried to limit their feelings as to not interfere with their dangerous line of work. Eventually, both caved and the main relationship over on “Blue Bloods” officially started.

The two officially became a couple during the very end of season 8 of “Blue Bloods.” This is a long time to keep fans on their toes. Then the two got married during the season 9 finale. As for the next step, fans are wondering when exactly, or if they ever, will have kids.

Will Estes, who plays Jamie on “Blue Bloods,” shared his thoughts regarding the iconic couple having kids.

“Yeah, I think Jamie could do it. I think Jamie is ready for it. I definitely think Eddie could do it. The trick would be, like a lot of people find these days if everybody’s working, who’s watching the kids? You can obviously hire people and get help. And a lot of people do, but depending on your hours, that can be an intense situation. I know a lot of people find it’s difficult to have a dog holding down a full-time job. So, you know, a kid is the next level, but are the characters ready? Could the characters do it? Absolutely, yeah. I haven’t thought too much more about it, but I think so,” Estes said during an interview with Looper recently.

It would certainly be interesting to see how the work-obsessed couple balances a growing family life. It would also be another chance for the Reagan family on “Blue Bloods” to continue to grow even larger.

Hesitation Around ‘Blue Bloods’ Pairing

Although the chemistry between Eddie and Jamie has always been intense, Vanessa Ray and Will Estes were hesitant to see their characters end up together on “Blue Bloods.”

They were afraid that it would possibly take away from the main narrative too much.

“Will and Vanessa needed to come around a bit; I needed to put it in some context, and assure them that we weren’t going to turn them into ‘the happy couple staring at each other over a checkered tablecloth at their neighborhood Italian restaurant,'” the showrunner Kevin Wade told TVLine in 2018.

It was inevitable, regardless of what Estes and Ray thought. There was so much chemistry that had slowly built up that writers essentially had no choice.

“It was clear from the start that the two actors had great chemistry and that all our writers were able to write to that chemistry, and then at a certain point in a long-running show, which this has certainly become, you do need to change things up,” Wade also said.