‘Blue Bloods’: Will Estes Once Broke Character During a Scene

by Amy Myers

Even though Blue Bloods tends to be a pretty serious show, the cast still relishes those moments when they can have a little fun on set – even when they don’t mean to. Like every show, the series has its fair share of bloopers in which the cast sometimes goofs a line or walks in the direction. Will Estes, the actor behind Jamie Reagan, still remembers one particular moment when he broke character that had the whole cast and crew giggling.

During a Season 6 episode of Blue Bloods, Estes and a fellow officer raised their guns as they walked towards a perpetrator off-camera. While prepping for the scene, Estes asks when to “shoot” his gun. Once he received the direction, he realized that they hadn’t yet clapped the sticks for the scene to start. But his scene partner was already in the zone.

“Bang!” the fellow Blue Bloods star yelled.

The hilarious moment caused Estes to break character to correct his scene partner.

“Wait, you can’t say ‘bang,’ we’re on camera.” 

His partner responded with another “Bang bang!”

Not surprisingly, the whole crew busted out in laughter.

Even though Estes broke character for that short moment, he was still halfway in the scene. Even as he corrected his co-star, the Blue Bloods actor still spoke in the high-pitched voice of an officer in a tense situation, only adding to the comedy of the slip-up.

Fellow ‘Blue Bloods’ Stars Join in on the Fun

Of course, Estes isn’t the only Blue Bloods star to flub a line on set. All of the Reagan actors and actresses have had their slip-ups and brain farts, and it always ends in the cast taking a moment to wipe away their tears of laughter.

Take, for example, the cast clown, Donnie Wahlberg. Despite Wahlberg’s stern demeanor as Danny Reagan, he always seems to be having a good time with his coworkers, especially his partner on the show, Marisa Ramirez who plays Maria Baez.

Together, the two make up for much of the blooper reels, simply because they start laughing every time the other one messes up their line.

In one of the clips, Wahlberg goofed up on a name as he pulled up a chair to Ramirez’s desk. The two then had to compose themselves, Ramirez even fanning away tears, so that they could redo the line.

In a different scene, Wahlberg walked right up to the camera, as if he already knew he was going to get into some antics.

“Let’s do the Showtime version of this scene,” the Blue Bloods star suggested. “F-bombs everywhere.”

Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t seem likely that production would like that version of the show too much.