‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Once Appeared Alongside Matthew McConaughey in a WWII Film

by John Jamison

Who hasn’t Blue Bloods star Will Estes appeared alongside? Recently, the Jamie Reagan actor talked about his experience on The Dark Knight Rises with Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale. Well, we did a little digging and discovered that more than 10 years earlier, he starred in a WWII submarine movie with the one and only Matthew McConaughey.

And the cast of 2000s U-571 doesn’t stop at Matthey McConaughey. It’s as star-studded as movies get. Harvey Keitel, the late Bill Paxton, and believe it or not, Jon Bon Jovi, all starred in the WWII naval thriller.

Blue Bloods star Will Estes was only 22 years old when he portrayed the character Seaman Robert “Rabbit” Parker in the film. His character is a torpedoman on the submarine of Chief Klough, played by Keitel. Matthew McConaughey, meanwhile, plays Lieutenant Andrew Tyler.

Together, the crew does their best to take control of a disabled Nazi U-boat in hopes of getting their hands on an enigma machine. The machine would be invaluable to the allied effort of breaking the Nazi naval code. But trouble ensues when they can no longer board their own sub and have to make do with the German ship.

The ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Hasn’t Shied Away from Servicemen Roles Throughout His Career

Will Estes has been playing NYPD officer Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods since 2010. He played a Gotham City police officer in The Dark Knight Rises. And, of course, he played a U.S. WWII sailor in U-571.

The man has played his fair share of service members over the years. But it’s not that he was typecast into these roles, although he undoubtedly plays them well. Instead, the Jamie Reagan actor enjoys the opportunities to play heroic characters.

“I enjoy it. The Sopranos was a show about villains. But [Blue Bloods] is a show about heroes, real-life heroes that wear uniforms. They are firemen and police officers, and that’s what the show’s about,” Estes told Men’s Journal.

In case you Blue Bloods fans have forgotten, The Sopranos executive producers Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess also produce the Reagan family police drama.

Will Estes told Taylor Magazine that “they had been doing a show about anti-hero’s during the Soprano’s and they wanted to do a show about heroes. Flawed maybe, or people who try to be the good guys. They got Tom Selleck as the patriarch and commissioner of New York City, and it was just a fantastic script. It all starts with the writing and the story. When the story is good, everybody wants to be on board.

So hero or service member tendency aside, Will Estes wasn’t about to say no to a role in a show led by the same people behind The Sopranos.