‘Blue Bloods’: Will a Familiar Face Return for Reagan Family Dinner?

by Megan Molseed
Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS (C)2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Reagan family dinners are just as important to the Blue Bloods as any of the major characters featured on the hit CBS police procedural drama.

No matter what has happened in each week’s new episode, fans of the popular series can always count on the members of the New York City law-enforcement family to come together each week to discuss their lives.

From new events, major concerts, or life-changes, to reminiscing, these dinner scenes have a way of giving Blue Bloods fans a sense of nostalgia. Taking many of us back to our own moments around the family dinner table.

Over the years, the Reagan family dinners have featured a variety of guests at the table. Guests that the family has invited to enjoy the home-cooked meals along with them.

Additionally, the Blue Bloods family table has also seen new family members joining the Reagan clan over the years.

Among these new family members is one that has recently surprised the Reagan family, Joe Hill who is portrayed by Will Hochman.

‘Blue Bloods’ Brings A Long-Lost Family Member To Their Dinner Table

Joe Hill is the son of the late Joe Reagan, the oldest son of Reagan family patriarch, Frank Reagan.

The Blue Bloods character came into the series as a surprise family member in the tenth season of the popular CBS series.

Since he first appeared, Joe has become a presence within the Reagan family throughout the seasons. Hill became a lightly recurring character on the series over the last few years.

Initially, Hochman’s Joe Hill became a somewhat regular presence joining the rest of the Blue Bloods clan for the family dinners.

However, his role in the family has remained somewhat irregular, primarily in the show’s twelfth season.

But, can Blue Bloods fans expect to see Joe Hill return to the family dinner table in an upcoming episode of the series?

Will Joe Hill Be Joining The Rest Of The Reagans For Supper?

According to Matt & Jess TV Commentary, Will Hochman will be reprising his role as Joe Hill in an upcoming season twelve Blue Bloods episode. This episode is set to air on January 21.

It seems, however, that it’s not likely the character will be joining his extended fam at the supper table.

In fact, a sneak peek photo that has been released of the upcoming Blue Bloods installment, The Reagan Way, Hill is nowhere to be found at the family dinner table.

But, there is still a chance that other circumstances may have left Hochman’s Hill out of the family photo.

Maybe Hill had a prior commitment during the evening of the supper. Or, maybe he does show up eventually; assuming something held him up from the start of the supper.

However, we do know that Hill and his uncle, Will Estes’s Jamie Reagan are having a few issues. Could this possibly be the reason Hill isn’t present at the Reagan family dinner table on January 21?

The only way to find out is to tune in for the brand-new episodes! Blue Bloods airs Friday evenings on CBS.