‘Blue Bloods’: Will Hochman Will Return as Frank’s Grandson Joe Hill in Season 12

by Joe Rutland

Fans who tune in regularly to watch “Blue Bloods” might want to know if Will Hochman is coming back as Joe Hill in Season 12.

Hochman has been on the CBS police drama before, dating back to 2010.

In a question-and-answer story for TV Line, Matt Webb Mitovich offers a reply.

“I can confirm that Will Hochman is locked in for a Season 12 appearance as Joe Hill, yes,” he said. Hill is a New York Police Department detective who works out of Brooklyn North. He is the grandson of Frank Reagan, and Hill is the nephew of Danny, Erin, and Jamie Reagan.

So there you go, “Blue Bloods” fans. Besides his TV work, Hochman has been in movies like “Critical Thinking” and “Let Him Go.”

Catch a new episode of the CBS drama on Friday at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

Tom Selleck stars as Frank Reagan. Donnie Wahlberg plays Danny Reagan, while Bridget Moynahan plays Erin Reagan, and Will Estes as Jamie Reagan.

Taking A Look At Some Of ‘Blue Bloods’ Best Guest Stars On The Show

“Blue Bloods” has definitely been able to have some big-name actors on the show as guest stars.

One guesses if a cast includes Selleck, Wahlberg, and Len Cariou, then the stars will be coming out.

Who are some of your favorites? Well, some of ours are here with an assist from PopCulture.

“Blue Bloods” fans saw Treat Williams appear this season in Episode 3. He resurfaced as Frank’s old friend Lenny Ross. We see Lenny offer Frank a new job as the NFL Senior Vice President of Security. Frank turns it down but seeing him and Lenny together was cool. Williams has played Lenny in five episodes since 2016.

Ed Asner, who sadly died on Aug. 29, 2021, at 91 years old, played Chuck Kennedy. His appearance was in a Season 10 episode. Kennedy is another friend of Frank’s whose home gets invaded. Frank debates about whether he should help him.

Wait a minute, we have a “Supergirl” sighting. Melissa Benoist appeared in one of the very first “Blue Bloods” episodes. She played Renee, a friend of a rape victim, in Season 1 Episode 3, “Privilege.” This was one of Benoist’s earliest roles in her career. One of her big breakout roles was in “Glee” before playing “Supergirl.”

Finally, actress Karen Allen made an appearance. Fans know her from being in the “Indiana Jones” movies. But she did appear in Season 4, Episode 14, as Betty Lowe. Titled “Unfinished Business,” Lowe asks Frank to catch her daughter’s killer.

Keep an eye out for other guest stars as “Blue Bloods” can bring them in for an episode. It’s one of the great things about having a solid cast.