‘Blue Bloods’: Will This Season Mark the End of the Road for Officer Witten?

by Anna Dunn

Some Blue Bloods fans are wondering if this season will be the end of the road for Officer Witten. Friday marked the season 12 premiere. Speculation was surfacing before the episode even began that Witten actress Lauren Patten could be leaving the hit series.

The teaser for the premiere episodes showed Witten contemplating leaving her post at the NYPD. A video of her drawing a weapon on an unarmed man goes viral. If Friday’s episode and photos of Patten from the set are anything to go by, it looks like she’s staying around at least for a bit.

Patten has plenty of fuel to leave. She’s recently had major success, fresh off a Tony award for her performance in Jagged Little Pill, there are plenty of possible opportunities lined up for her. But if photos from the Blue Bloods set where she’s celebrating her award are anything to go by it looks like Witten will be a part of the show for the upcoming season at least.

Friday’s ‘Blue Bloods’ Episode Left Witten’s Future in Question

That doesn’t mean Witten’s future is totally secure. If anything, the door was opened to explore whether or not Witten will stay or leave. Witten got in major trouble after that viral video showed her pulling a gun on an unarmed man. In an instance that demanded de-escalation, Whitten responded with escalation and is now facing the pushback on social media.

In a conversation with Eddie, she admits that she’s thinking of leaving.

She says her 18-year-old self would not want her to be a police officer. While Eddie appears fine at first, she seems devastated when Witten leaves the room. When it comes to the internal investigation as well as her desire to continue, it looks like Witten, who recurs on the show, may not have a big future on the series.

Another Guest Star Will Return on Next Weeks Episode

While this issue is getting resolved, the drama will continue for the Reagan family. Dylan Walsh will return once more to Blue Bloods as Mayor Chase. Last week’s episode showed a growing rift between himself and Police commissioner Reagan. Walsh is known for his roles on Law and Order and Nip/Tuck.

The premiere episode saw the two battling over the budget, with commissioner Reagan infuriated at Mayor Chase for budget cuts, with Chase frustrated with the way Commissioner Reagan is talking to the press. When it comes to the budget cuts, Chase insists that his hands were tied.

After the viral arrest made by Erin and Witten and the potential use of misconduct from Witten, the tensions between the mayor and the commissioner continue to rise.

The next Blue Bloods episode, which airs on Friday, is called Times Like These. You can catch it at 9/8 Central on CBS.