‘Blue Bloods’: What Was the Best Episode of Season 1?

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

It’s hard to believe that Blue Bloods has already been on for over a decade. However, with that being the case, it might be hard to remember some of those early Season 1 episodes of the show on CBS. It was so long ago now, but with every episode available on streaming platforms now, fans can revisit the season where everything first got started.

According to IMDB, though, one episode stands out among the rest in that first season. That particular episode is ‘The Blue Templar’ with a fan community rating of 8.7 for that episode.

The number came after over 522 reviews came in for that particular episode of the show. Funny enough, this particular episode is the finale from that first season. This episode featured a big reveal, specifically who killed the late family member Joe who was never seen on the show, just shown in photographs.

This episode was all about Joe and the Blue Templar. An organization within the department that unfortunately spiraled out of control into one that featured a lot of corruption and issues that led to Joe’s former partner killing him. The finale ends with the former partner confessing to Frank only to later pull the trigger on himself.

Vanessa Ray on ‘Blue Bloods’

One of the more interesting characters in the CBS drama is Eddie, played by Vanessa Ray. She told Nerds of Color about her unique role on that show, “I loved this role immediately because when we first met her she was a rookie, but it was obvious she was following a calling to service. She was eager, messy, and flawed. I mean who wouldn’t love Eddie? Although, I am a bit biased.”

She is very much a different character in the Reagan family universe. She has her issues, especially her backstory and relationship with her own family. It could not be more different than what the Reagan family dynamic is like.

Ray continued, “When I started on the show in season 4, I almost exclusively worked with Will. He’s an incredible scene partner and dear friend. As Jamie and Eddie’s relationship evolved and when they finally decided to get together/married, my job had also evolved. I was working with people I’d only ever high-fived in the studio hallway. It felt like a totally new show. New faces every day. I got a new partner in the incredible Lauren Patton. It’s been quite an arc looking back. Eddie’s voice is bolder now at the dinner table and on the job. I like that.”

Her character does a lot more. She has a different role on the show, and her relationship with Jamie is now at the forefront. Her place in the Reagan family is now more defined.

You can watch Blue Bloods on CBS.