Bob Newhart Remembers ‘Honor’ of Working with Late Betty White: ‘Such a Pro’

by Joe Rutland

When one starts hearing comedy legends like Bob Newhart share their love for Betty White, then it gives you some context for her career.

Newhart, who has been a stand-up comedian and TV sitcom star for nearly seven decades, shared some thoughts on Twitter about White. She died on Friday at 99 years old, just weeks away from turning 100.

Let’s take a look, Outsiders, at what Newhart wrote about his friend.

“A giant” is what Bob Newhart calls Betty White. No one will disagree with him on that at all.

For some context, let’s talk about the TV shows and another icon mentioned here. Bob ran for two seasons on CBS between 1992-93. It was his third sitcom on the network after The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart.

Betty White Had A Way Of Making Others, Including Hosts, Look Good

Hot in Cleveland was a six-season hit on TV Land. Betty White played in the show along with Wendie Malick, Valerie Bertinelli, and Jane Leeves. The show ran from 2010-15.

And now, Jack Paar. For those too young to remember, there were two other hosts of The Tonight Show before Johnny Carson. First, there was comedian Steve Allen, and the second was Paar. It was during this talk-show host’s run that Newhart made his first stand-up TV appearance.

We don’t know what routine he might have done at that time but he had an ongoing big where he would have a running conversation with someone on the other end of a make-believe telephone.

Having Betty White on a show like Paar’s made perfect sense. She always had a knack for making hosts or others look really good. This would not be her last appearance on The Tonight Show. Years later, she would appear in a much-loved sketch with Carson as they played Tarzan and Jane.

Sweet memories indeed, Bob, of an amazing person. A great one, no less.

Valerie Bertinelli Pays Tribute To Her ‘Hot in Cleveland’ Co-Star

Valerie Bertinelli just loved, like we all did, Betty White.

She even got a chance to play alongside White in the sitcom Hot in Cleveland.

Well, when she heard that Betty died on Friday, she paid tribute to her co-star.

Bertinelli also is the mother of rock guitarist Wolf Van Halen. She went on her Instagram account and wrote this tribute up.

“Rest In Peace, sweet Betty,” Bertinelli, 61, wrote. “My God, how bright heaven must be right now.”

Betty White also becomes the last cast member of The Mary Tyler Moore Show to die. Yes, Sue Ann Nivens, “The Happy Homemaker,” joins the other cast members who have passed away. And she also is the final cast member from The Golden Girls to die, too.