‘Bonanza’ Welcomed a ‘Patty Duke Show’ Icon in Classic Episode

by Megan Molseed

In 1962, the wildly popular western television series Bonanza welcomed a guest star that would soon be recognized as one of America’s favorite father figures on the iconic sitcom featuring identical cousins, The Patty Duke Show.

During Bonanza’s third season, The Patty Duke Show’s William Schallert found a guest-starring role in the episode titled Look to the Stars. Schallert plays a headmaster at a Naval Academy in the episode.

Schallert’s headmaster is one of the only people standing in the way of a young genius receiving an important scholarship. This, of course, is a far cry from the role William Schallert made his own when he began playing Martin Lane on the iconic Patty Duke Show.

From ‘Bonanza’ To Patty Duke, William Schallert Becomes A Regular On TV

In 1963, The Patty Duke Show premiered, delighting audiences.

In the popular comedy series, Patty Duke portrays a young talkative, and boisterous teen girl, Patty Lane.

Patty’s father, Martin Lane who is portrayed by William Schallert is an identical twin this twin’s daughter, Patty’s cousin Cathy comes to stay with the Lanes.

Patty’s cousin, Cathy, is identical to Patty in almost every physical way. Although the two teen girls could hardly be more different personality-wise.

The girls have entirely different tastes when it comes to how they dress, how they speak, the music they like and so much more. Of course, this certainly sets the stage for a variety of comedic moments in the popular series.

Schallert’s Amazing Career

During his career, William Schallert has played a variety of fathers in television aside from Mr. Lane on The Patty Duke Show. William Schallert lent his fatherly talents portraying similar roles on Nancy Drew Mysteries and Little Women.

William Schallert also appeared in a wide variety of television shows, and popular films during his long and successful career.

Some of the shows Schallett can be seen on include Perry Mason; Gunsmoke; Star Trek; The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis; The Waltons; Leave It to Beaver; The Dick Van Dyke Show; and of course, Bonanza.

The longtime actor even spent some time providing voice-work for popular cartoon shows such as the iconic Saturday morning favorite, The Smurfs.

Some Memorable Guest-Stars

While The Patty Duke Show’s William Schallert was a recognizable guest-star on Bonanza, he certainly wasn’t the only iconic guest-star to share the stage with the players on the iconic western series.

During its fourteen-year run, multiple well-known stars have made appearances on the popular show. Some of these stars include Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley; Fantasy Island’s Ricardo Montalban; Batman’s “caped crusader” himself Adam West as well as John Astin, the man who portrayed the popular villain The Riddler; Gilligan Island’s Dawn Wells; popular filmmaker, author and former child star, Ron Howard; and The Beverly HillbilliesBuddy Ebsen.