‘Bosch’ Creator Reveals Harry’s Most Formative Moment in His Life

by Matthew Memrick

A specific October date stands out as a most formative moment in the life of one “Bosch” character.

It’s almost like “Bosch” creator Michael Connelly circled the date on his calendar. He sure circled Oct. 28, 1961, like the moment on a page from The Last Coyote, one of his books. 

The story goes that the murder of Hollywood prostitute Marjorie Phillips Lowe happened when Bosch was only 11 years old. Years later, Bosch would meet his father, Mickey Haller Sr. The man was a well-known defense attorney who represented mobsters like Mickey Cohen in Connelly’s “Bosch” universe.

The kid later ended up an LAPD detective who tried to solve his mother’s murder on the side while taking on significant cases during the show’s seven seasons.

Now, with Bosch off the force and working as a private detective, maybe he gets to focus more on that case close to home.

For the 65-year-old author, it’s been sixty years since Harry Bosch’s mother’s death. Interesting.

The day was special for one Connelly fan.

Connelly replied to the man and offered him condolences.

‘Bosch’ Spin-off Series Filming A Wrap?

According to Bleeding Cool News, the untitled IMDB-TV “Bosch” spinoff series has completed its filming for Season 1.

Connelly shared a photo from the last episode of the first season. He told fans that the experience was “a great ride.”

The photo showed Welliver in a Venetian-blinded office with an unnamed person. Fans guessed it was daughter Maddie Bosch, played by Madison Lintz. But this person had red hair. Maybe she dyed it for the series?

When a fan asked if the new series had a premiere date, Connelly replied that there was not one yet.

Connelly has penned 31 best-selling novels and one work of non-fiction since 1992. The Pennsylvania-born man has sold over 74 million copies of his books worldwide.

‘Bosch’ Star Shows Off His Dog Kids

Now you know that Titus Welliver is a UFC fan and a big dog dad.

The “Bosch” actor and producer showed off two cute little dachshunds in a photo last weekend. A UFC fight was in the background, but the dogs stole the show.

In 2018, he told People Magazine about his “farm” of animal friends. He said he had four dogs, four cats, and six horses, almost all rescue animals. The only non-rescue animal was his golden retriever.

“Bosch” fans offered their remarks and even shared their doggie pics. It was a doggy free-for-all.

The actor related that he was a sucker for hurt or distressed animals in the article, saying if he found an injured rat, he’d bring it home and “nurse it back to health.”