‘Bosch’ Spin-Off’s Title Reportedly Revealed

by Matthew Memrick

“Bosch: Legacy” will be the name of the upcoming “Bosch” Spin-Off’s title as both its star and show creator revealed the title this week.

According to a Tampa Bay Times story on Monday, author and series creator Michael Connelly let it slip about the new “Bosch” series name.

Connelly told Colette Bancroft that the new IMDb show will be called “Bosch: Legacy.” The reporter, who interviewed Connelly at the Times Festival of Reading, joked that she had to keep a secret about the new show’s name.

Officially, “Bosch” star Titus Welliver revealed the name during Sunday’s Vulture Festival in Los Angeles. Connelly said focus-group research liked that title.

Just for fun, Vulture Magazine called the “Bosch” show “your dad’s favorite show.” 

There’s no release date on the show, but it will hit the small screen in 2022.

More Details “Bosch: Legacy” Come Out

Executive producer and writer Connelly let loose on some juicy details about this version of his longtime character. The show’s filming wrapped up last month and is currently in post-production.

There’s no series premiere date for the show, but the IMDb website lists 11 episodes. Already, two episodes have names. One episode got an “Always/All Ways” name. The other another title is “Bloodline.” Those episodes will be broadcast later in the season.

The Amazon Prime series left off with our hero turning in his badge and walking away from the LAPD. However, this show starts almost two years into the future.

Bosch, daughter-turned-LAPD cop Maddie Bosch (Madison Lintz), and high-powered defense attorney Honey “Money” Chandler (Mimi Rogers) will be the focus of this new show.

There are a few surprises with IMDb’s cast listing page. Welliver is only credited in four episodes, while Denise G. Sanchez’s Reina Vasquez gets a ten-episode credit. Maybe she’s a big part of this upcoming season’s plot.

Sanchez played Andie on NBC’s “The Good Place” and Officer Cabrera in CBS show “Criminal Minds” episode.

Also, Marcus Giamatti plays a character named Simon Wakefield in four episodes of the new show. Giamatti is the brother of famous actor Paul Giamatti from the Showtime show “Billions.

“9-1-1: Lone Star” guest star Michael Rose also is listed for six episodes. Rose also appeared in “Magnum: P.I.” and “Bull.”

Connelly’s New “Bosch” Book

Connelly’s 2006 “The Wrong Side of Goodbye” novel is the basis for much of this upcoming “Bosch: Legacy” series.

The author’s “The Dark Hours” is out now, and it features Bosch and LAPD detective Renee Ballard. Connelly paints a picture with Ballard matching Bosch’s determination and integrity with the novel. In addition to the book, there’s an audio version with “Bosch” star Welliver and star Christine Lakin serving as narrators.

Asked if Ballard shows up in the “Bosch: Legacy” show and author Connelly’s didn’t divulge anything about the character’s role.