‘Bosch’ Star Titus Welliver Becomes a Mountain Man With ‘Fur’ Coat

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)

Titus Welliver recently came up with an attractive Mountain Man look, and the “Bosch” star accentuated it with a fur coat.

Maybe he was trying out the coat with his short pants for his upcoming Western movie. But you got to love his caption.

“Prepping for Hoth or Ice Station Zebra. Fake fur so everyone relax!”

Whew! The need for that fake fur clarification may have helped dodge a bullet from his loyal PETA fans.

Social media fans loved it, tweeting out pictures of other famous “mountain men” who may or may not have worn it better. A few fans wanted to know what socks the Maine native would wear in those classic boots.

Twitter user Anne replied, “I think my late grandma had a jacket like that – minus the hood – but she favored patent leather pumps over hiking boots. You’d definitely win a Who Wore It Better contest, though (please don’t haunt me, Grandma!).” Another woman awarded Anne’s comment for her funny retort. 

“Bosch” Star Buys L.A. House

According to Dirt, the “Bosch” star recently bought a 21-year-old Topanga house.

It’s nothing like the fantastic view in his former Amazon Prime show house, but still very, very impressive.

After a recent divorce from fifth wife Jose Stemkens, Welliver kept his longtime Connecticut farmhouse. But he loved the Los Angeles skyline so much (and possibly wanted to be close to the new “Bosch: Legacy” set) that he found this house. The $4 million home has four bedrooms and five bathrooms while sitting on almost six acres.

The house is “deep in the remote and ruggedly scenic mountains between Malibu and the San Fernando Valley.”  

The 6,000-square-foot house sits on a windy road and has a gated entrance. There are also mountain views from almost every room with a swimming pool, 2,000-square-foot great room, a kitchen, and 1,900-square-foot studio space for part-time artist Welliver.

Finally, the Dirt article mentions the solar panel system, private well, and miles of trails around the landscape. It’s a secluded paradise just minutes away from the Topanga General Store. 

Welliver Filming Western Flick

The “Bosch” star is working on an upcoming film with one-time “Superman” actor Brandon Routh, “Yellowstone” star Mo Brings Plenty, and Chris Mulkey.

Welliver likely jumped right into it after the first season of “Bosch: Legacy” recently wrapped up.

Deadline describes “The Redeemer” as a washed-up war hero living in 1880s Montana. Welliver likely plays the lead character who teams up with his son Garrett (Routh) on a mission to save the son’s Indigenous wife and daughter-in-law. 

A violent outlaw gang led by a former Calvary Captain named Randall Ferguson (Timothy V. Murphy) kidnaps the women. The father and son must deal with a harsh winter, frontier dangers, and the father’s troubled past on their journey through the Wild West.