‘Bosch’ Star Titus Welliver Congratulates Author Michael Connelly on ’30 Years’ of His Iconic Character

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)

Bosch had a great run for many years starring Titus Welliver as the main character. The LAPD detective was created by author Michael Connelly. The legendary author celebrated the thirty years of Harry Bosch. A big-time achievement for a big-time character.

Titus Welliver, who has played Bosch on-screen for many years, joined in the celebration. He wrote on Twitter, “Congratulations! Happy anniversary!”

Welliver on ‘Bosch’

Bosch was an iconic book series before it was an iconic show. Folks loved Welliver’s take on the character, hence why the show ran for so many years. Still, with how perfect and seamless Welliver was as the main character, it’s fair to wonder about how much of himself bled into the character. Or vice versa.

He told Vulture, “You’d have to ask my family. I’m certainly not an actor who has to stay in character all the time. I don’t bring Harry’s angst home with me. I think I’ve just become protective of the character and the brand, for lack of a better word.”

He continued, “I know this character very, very well. That’s a blessing and a curse for directors and the like, because I know the things he would and would not do. The beauty of the character is that he’s consistent. He stays the same, because he’s a bit of a dinosaur, so he can only evolve so much.”

He knows the character. After so many years he has it down pat. But, he’s also not letting that permeate into his personal life. He leaves the character on-set.

Blending The Characters

He concluded, “The purest part of his evolution over the course of seven seasons has been his relationship with his daughter and how he has been forced to try to evolve because he has a daughter who is not unlike him, who’s stubborn and opinionated, but who also has a really strong moral compass. It doesn’t always help him in his parenting because he realizes that, in a way, he’s knocking heads with himself. I identify with that because I have that with my own daughter, who’s 15. The similarities between myself and my daughter are very, very palpable. Knocking heads, we both find ourselves going, “Oh, there’s the rub.””

The relationship with his daughter is important. It informs a lot of who he is on the show. You can see over the seven seasons how he adapts as much as he can for his daughter. He wants to be a good parent and struggles when he does not come through. He even learns from that for himself in the real world. There are similarities between the two. Similarities in how they are and the fathers they want to be. You can watch Bosch on Amazon Prime.