‘Bosch’ Star Titus Welliver Has Adorable TV Companions in New Photo

by Leanne Stahulak

Apparently, “Bosch” star Titus Welliver is a proud dog dad. He shared a photo this weekend of the two cutest little dachshunds.

Welliver called the duo the “Dogs of UFC” in his caption for the post. Take a look at the cuties in the tweet below. You can just make out the blurry outline of UFC fighters on the TV behind the weiner dogs, plus several interesting movie posters on the “Bosch” actor’s walls.

Have you ever seen such sweet faces? They look like they’re ready for cuddling, which would make an interesting combo with watching UFC fighters.

Several fans in the comments also praised the dogs for being absolutely adorable. Others wanted to know their names, or if they’re siblings. A few folks even shared adorable photos of their own “dogs of UFC” in the replies.

Apparently, the “Bosch” star is a pretty big animal lover. Welliver talked with People in 2018 about all the animals crowding his home. At that time, he said he had four dogs, four cats, and six horses, almost all of them rescue animals. Only his golden retriever wasn’t.

“I say I basically live in an animal shelter,” Welliver told the outlet.

We’re not sure if the two dachshunds were included in that count of four dogs or not. Either way, it sounds like Welliver likes to keep his house filled to the brim with animals. And he told People that he’s always been that way.

“I was that kid that, if I found a rat in the park with a broken leg, I would find a way to get this feral creature into a cardboard box and nurse it back to health,” the “Bosch” star shared.

‘Bosch’ Star Titus Welliver’s Wife Nurtured His Love for Rescue Animals

When “Bosch” star Titus Welliver married Jose Stemkins, he quickly realized he’d also be introducing her rescue dog into the family. Together, the two quickly adopted more and more animals in need, growing their family exponentially.

It got to the point, Welliver told People, that whenever his wife and daughter visited the veterinarian, he stayed in the car. Apparently, their vet also features a small area for rescues inside, and if he went inside, he knew he’d take one or multiple animals home with him.

But when the “Bosch” star retires from acting one day, he plans on adopting as many rescues as he can and giving them a forever home.

“I would have a farmhouse in Connecticut. And I would build a barn and make it a place for animals to relax, turn it into a really cool animal condominium,” Welliver said.

Welliver hopes that sharing his love of rescues will inspire others to look to shelters too when they want a new pet. He described a tangible feeling that can only be experienced when you adopt a rescue.

“There is an inherent trait to rescue animals, they have enormous gratitude and they are so affectionate —that is their way of saying ‘Thank you for saving my life.’ It’s inexplicable and very real,” Welliver explained.