‘Bosch’ Star Titus Welliver Once Appeared on ‘Chicago PD’

by Joe Rutland

Before taking on the lead role in Bosch, actor Titus Welliver made a stopover on Chicago PD in 2018 in the episode called “Ghost.”

Welliver appeared in the NBC police drama as Ronald Booth. Outsiders, we get more information from this article on Looper.

Booth is a bad guy who has been put away by Detective Hailey Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos. After his release from prison, Booth shows up and starts returning to his bad-guy ways.

Upton goes back undercover to get Booth again. She’s doing this even though Booth tried to sexually assault her. The energy and stress between Booth, Upton, and Detective Jay Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer, is a large part of this episode’s storyline.

‘Bosch’ Actor Had Quite A Role in HBO Series ‘Deadwood’ as Silas Adams

Let’s take a look at some of Welliver’s previous acting work before Chicago PD and Bosch.

His early roles, thanks to working closely with David Milch, included stops on NYPD Blue, Brooklyn South, Big Apple, and HBO’s Deadwood.

The Bosch actor played Silas Adams on Deadwood. Adams is a collector for Magistrate Claggett, played by Marshall Bell. Adams changes course and works for Al Swearingen, played by Ian McShane. Why would he do this?

Because Swearingen paid him to murder Claggett. Adams starts aiding and abetting a lot of Claggett’s old conspiracies.

The original series, where Welliver played Los Angeles Police detective Harry Bosch, ended after seven seasons. But the actor is looking forward to being a part of a spin-off series.

Veteran Actor Does Have Ability To Laugh At Himself With His Biggest ‘Fan’

Welliver, though, knows how to take a joke and even laugh at himself. Especially when the spin-off series crew recently revealed his biggest “fan.”

The actor chatted with Down East Magazine about growing up in Maine with his landscape artist dad, Neil.

He did spend summers in that state and, well, moved to the state. Welliver remembers those days filled with canoeing, fishing, and hunting.

“Summers consisted of being kind of feral and running around in the woods, riding around on horses, raking blueberries,” Welliver said. 

One thing he did remember is not having much clothing on and Welliver often went barefoot.

Welliver Spent Time In Northeast States While Growing Up

What else does he remember about those days? Mosquito and blackfly bites as well as swimming in Pitcher Pond or Megunticook Lake. 

As a youngster, Welliver spent time in Maine, Philadelphia, New Haven, Conn., and New York. 

His father lived in Lincolnville, Maine, until he died from pneumonia in 2005. Welliver still visits the area. 

His father’s house has a memory for him, along with the Route 1 bridge near the Ducktrap River..