‘Bosch’ Star Titus Welliver Played Up His New England Accent to Land a Role in a Dramatic Hit

by Matthew Memrick

A thick New England accent helped “Bosch” Star Titus Welliver land a role in a 2007 Ben Affleck-directed film. 

Casey Affleck, Amy Ryan, Morgan Freeman, and Ed Harris starred in the Boston-area-based film. The film made $34 million at the box office.

Welliver played Lionel McCready, an uncle of an abducted four-year-old girl in the film. According to IMDb, Welliver had to keep his large mustache for the movie as he was still shooting scenes for the HBO series Deadwood. 

Accent Helps ‘Bosch’ Star With Affleck

Welliver told Seth Meyers over the summer that having an accent helped him get into four Ben Affleck movies (Gone Baby Gone, The Town, Argo, and Live By Night).

Affleck is proud of his New England/Boston heritage and tries to make movies from there time to time. Reportedly, the Boston Red Sox fan would not wear a New York Yankees hat to make “Gone Girl” and fought with the director over the cap. Eventually, the men settled on a New York Mets cap which Affleck wore.

The “Bosch” star said he grew up going to Maine in the summers and attended boarding school in New England. So, naturally, the accent came to him between time Maine and Boston.

“I consider myself New Englander 100 percent,” Welliver said.

When doing scenes for “Gone Baby Gone,” Welliver did a few and then told Affleck he’d “dial it down” for a few other scenes, the director bristled at that request.

Welliver said the director begged him to keep it going, even pointing out that the actor was “losing his accent.”

His response to Affleck was, “Ben, if I go any harder, we’re going to need subtitles.”

Affleck responded that he didn’t care and urged his actor to “keep the role grounded” in the local dialect. The “Bosch” star felt relief after that.

Welliver, Adam Sandler Friends In School

In the same Seth Meyers interview, the actor revealed he took a comedy writing class at New York University.

Meyers and Adam Sandler hail from the same New Hampshire town, and the host relished in asking Welliver about one class he took with the comedic star.

The “Bosch” star even revealed that Sandler was so funny in a comedy writing class that the young professor had to break the two men up. He talked about knowing Sandler before the class, and he desired to take what he thought would be an interesting class.

The “Bosch” actor said he’d look at Sandler, and his classmate would respond in funny voices that would crack him up uncontrollably. 

“And I would lose it in the middle of the class,” Welliver said.

Welliver added that “they thoroughly enjoyed “torturing” this poor assistant professor” and that she “deeply disliked us.”

He added he didn’t know why she did unless it was because of the accents.