‘Bosch’ Star Titus Welliver Updates on Where Production Is on Spin-Off

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Vulture)

Production’s quickly moving forward on the “Bosch” spin-off series, which star Titus Welliver revealed is titled “Bosch: Legacy.”

Welliver sat down with Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport to talk all about the new series during the Vulture Festival in Los Angeles. At one point, the two interviewers asked about the state of production (primarily because they’d love to make cameo appearances in the show).

While the hosts called for reshoots so they could be included, Welliver said they might be able to “figure it out” in post-production. Which, apparently, is where the show is right now.

Welliver already revealed that the new IMDb TV show will premiere at some point in 2022. If post-production’s already well underway and filming wrapped in early November, then we could be looking at a spring 2022 release date.

“Bosch: Legacy” will follow the titular character Harry Bosch after he left the LAPD. Supposedly, he becomes a private investigator, and the show picks up two years after the original story ended. Along with Welliver, Madison Lintz will reprise her role as Harry’s daughter, Maddie. The show also focuses on Mimi Rogers’ character Honey “Money” Chandler.

Right now, IMDb’s page shows 11 episodes for the upcoming spin-off series. It even has a few episode titles attached, including “Bloodlines” and “Always/All Ways.” These two episodes don’t appear until later on in the season.

‘Bosch’ Creator Michael Connelly Talks New Spin-Off Series

“Bosch” didn’t start out as an Amazon Prime TV show, but as a series of police novels written by Michael Connelly. Amazon eventually approached the author about adapting his books, and he signed on as writer and producer for the show. Now, Connelly’s just as involved in “Bosch: Legacy” as he was with the flagship show.

The author spoke with Tampa Bay Times earlier this month about the upcoming spin-off. He revealed the name of the show, the cast, where the story picks up. Apparently, Maddie is a full-time LAPD officer now. And Honey will be working with Harry even though they were once enemies.

Connelly also revealed that most of the storyline will stem from his 2016 novel “The Wrong Side of Goodbye.” Even now, the author continues writing “Bosch” books while simultaneously working on the show. He wouldn’t tell the Tampa Bay Times whether or not characters appearing in his latest books will also make it on the show. It’s a possibility, but Connelly won’t say yes or no at this time.

Luckily for “Bosch” fans, they won’t have to pay for another streaming service to watch the upcoming spin-off series. IMDb TV is a free platform owned by Amazon. So you should be able to access it if you have Prime. Stay tuned for more updates on a “Bosch: Legacy” release date.