‘Bosch’ Star Titus Welliver Puts His Son in Front of the Camera, Calls Him ‘LAPD Officer Harry Bosch’

by Matthew Memrick

“Bosch” star Titus Welliver recently posted a photo of his son in front of the camera, calling him “LAPD Officer Harry Bosch.”

Eamonn Welliver’s appearance makes fans wonder if he will play a younger version of his dad in the still-untitled “Bosch” spinoff. His brother, Quinn Welliver, did that in the original series for four episodes.

Who Is ‘Bosch’ Actor’s Son?

We don’t know how long 22-year-old Eamonn Welliver has been acting.

In 2019, Eamonn Welliver worked on music for an author’s book trailer. 

Miranda Spigener-Sapon directed her book, “Charles: A Marisa Romanov Story,” a prequel to the Amazon Prime series “Marisa Romanov.” 

A press release said Eamonn Welliver was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in Connecticut & Massachusetts. The trailer music, titled “Mocking Pig,” was one of his first compositions. 

Additional details said the musician-turned-actor started playing guitar in 3rd grade. At that time, the young man began making his music under the name “God and Her Pistol.”

Eamonn Welliver started writing his songs around that time but didn’t begin to pursue music until 2019. 

A ‘Bosch’ Family Affair

Eamonn Welliver is not the first of Titus Welliver’s children to act. His other son, Quinn, portrayed his dad back in the original “Bosch” series.

Titus Welliver talked about his son, Quinn Welliver, in a 2017 Parade Magazine article. He complimented both sons and mentioned that his daughter, Cora, was also on the show.

Titus Welliver said the show opportunities for his children “presented themselves.”

He said he asked Quinn Welliver and let him know there was no pressure to do the role. Before then, the “Bosch” actor said he was not keen on letting his children portray earlier versions of him. He said he wanted them to be kids. Now, he said they are old enough to make their own decisions.

As for Cora Welliver, the father said she changed her mind a few times before taking the Cora role in the episode “Everyone Counts.”

The “Bosch” actor said his children have grown up on film sets and were comfortable with them for the most part. Titus Welliver added he’s never “encouraged or discouraged” them.

With Quinn Welliver on the show, the “Bosch” star and producer was “very hands-off” in his son’s portrayal of a teenage Bosch.

“I tried to make myself scarce on the set the day Quinn was shooting because I said to him, “You’re your own man. You’re a professional, you have to come in here, and you’ve got to work on your own. I can’t hold your hand,” Titus Welliver said.

Titus Welliver enjoyed his son’s work, saying the son was better acting at his age than him. Quinn took it as a compliment, but dad said the son had the talent and the set experience from an early age.

Finally, the “Bosch” star said he was “only concerned with (his kids) happiness” and their motivation to succed.